best grass seeds for SEATTLE?

dekim5July 30, 2008

I want to plant grass for a nice lawn in SEATTLE. Can anyone recommend a good seed variety/mix? We would like it to be drought tolerant and it's in sun/shade but mostly sun.

thanks in advance!

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Most of the better local retail nurseries will sell lawn seed blends specifically formulated for this area. I believe one of the local labels is Professional's Choice or something similar. I'd look at these before selecting something from Lowes or HD that service a much larger market and do not have a more directed regional focus. Both Swanson's and Sky carry this label or similar.

I'd also get some info on preparing for and seeding a lawn from that same nursery - the prepartion to plant a lawn is likely more important to its success than the type of lawn itself. Most better nurseries will have detailed handouts on this subject as well as pamphlets prepared by the city and the various public utilities on organic lawn care that are very helpful.

And turf grasses suited for this area are not drought tolerant. It is simply not in their genetic makeup, although you can encourage increased drought tolerance by careful preparation of the seed bed as well as the way you maintain the extablished lawn. If you want true drought tolerance, you will need to select some sort of non-grass groundcover. I read an article yesterday that referenced a savings of 57-75% of watering needs if one opted to plant something other than turf grasses - the higher number related to very drought tolerant groundcovers and plants.

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Fleur De Lawn

Here is a link that might be useful: Fleur De Lawn aka Eco-Lawn

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Thanks for the information. I had this set up to email me responses but didn't get any emails and just double checked for responses now. I ended up using a variety from Lowes. Pennington sun and shade "smart seed". I've been watering 5 minutes four times a day (7am,11,3,7pm w/ sprinkler system) and it's looking quite good after a week. To my surprise, the grass emerged first in spots that had the most loose twigs and particles from the compost I used to amend the soil. I was actually worried that the grass wouldn't grow as well in these areas. The grass is not growing as well in areas where the sprinklers are watering a bit too heavy.

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