Bulbophylum medusae

Greencurls(Z5)January 27, 2013

Not the most pleasant smell but very noticeable either.

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

You grow the most interesting orchids.

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Hi Greencurls. YouâÂÂre growing an interesting species there, a âÂÂBulbophyllum medusaeâÂÂ. Can you tell us more about your growing tips and techniques, which you used to grow this orchid?

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Happy to share. In the winter, I have it in a room that drops to 55F at night and gets up to 74F during the day. I maintain about 45-50% humidity in the room. Since it gets a bit chilly in my grow room, I keep my bulbo a little drier than is generally recommended. I don't let the moss get overly dry before watering but I do wait to water until the top inch of the moss is crunchy. As for the light, my bulbo sits in a lower light area about a foot away from a west window. It is very close to my Phals, but gets a little more light. It summers outside under a large shade tree. In the summer, I keep the medium slightly moist at all times. I also fertilize about once a week. This winter I have been holding off on fertilizing because my bulbo has pretty much stopped growing this last month. Although it is doing okay with the current temperature, I believe it would be happier if it was kept 5-10 degrees warmer.

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