It just seems like summer

slowpoke_gardenerMarch 4, 2012

We had a heavy frost last night, but it was up to 48 degrees when I carried out the plants at 8:00 AM (in the sun)


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Larry, I agree. So, I guess what I'd say is it feels like summer during the day, but then when I wake up the next morning it still feels like winter. It was 30 degrees and we had heavy frost this morning, but it was in the 40s less than an hour later.

It is increasingly hard for me to resist putting warm-season plants in the ground.


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We got home late last night after making our final trip to the hospital yesterday. My plants had been inside under lights for the 2 days we had been gone. I watered them last night and turned off the lights. I checked the forecast and it was for 35. I didn't sleep well and finally turned my computer on to give me something to do. I looked at the temp from two locations and one said 30 and the other said 29. I was sure glad those plants were still inside.

We will be making one more trip to OKC for the funeral and after that I should be able to get serious about my garden. It was very sad to watch my grandchildren lose their father, but they are doing very well with it. They had watched him suffer so long as he waited for a liver that never came, and they knew the suffering needed to end. Organ donors are needed all of the time. Born with his kind of liver problems very few people reach age fourty without a transplant. He was 39. We will miss him greatly.

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Carol, I am so sorry for your loss. I also have a heavy heart, my daughter is 48 and battling cancer. Her husband is 70 and has Alzheimer's that is pretty well advanced. I go over to their house an try to help them, but some things only God can do.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I am so sorry about the loss of Gary, and hope everyone who loved him takes comfort from the fact that he is no longer suffering. I was hoping so much for so long that a donor liver would become available in time to save him.

I'm glad your plants were inside too. It wouldn't have been any fun to have to carry them all back inside after all you'd already been through the last couple of days.

Larry, I pray every day for your daughter's health to improve. My dad had Alzheimer's for about a dozen years before he passed away, and I truly think it is one of the cruelest diseases on this earth. You certainly have my sympathy in dealing with your son-in-law's Alzheimer's.

I was looking at the NWS weather map a minute ago and the weather looks pretty good all week, except for the elevated risk of fire weather. Of course, we often have that risk at this time of year. Maybe some folks will get some rain later in the week! That might make it feel like spring.

The redbud tree in our yard is blooming, continuing the trend of everything blooming early.


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Thank you Larry and Dawn. Larry you have a lot on your plate and I will continue to pray for you.

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Carol - You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.

I was watching a weekly show I watch and they had on there an astrophysicist. And he was telling that the scientist have all noticed that the plants that normally are only southern plants are starting to migrate more north due to climate change. That coupled with the change in the zone maps, I am wondering if this warming trend is here to stay and I need to start planning and thinking like I am one zone down (7B not 7A like I am)

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Ezzirah, I feel the same way. I'm not experienced in gardening but cannot help notice a huge change in my local climate. I wonder the same. Let us know if you think it best for us to consider a zone change. I haven't gardened long enough to know. I do know I must take some grey water for my trees this year or I'm going to lose most of them.

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Carol, so sorry for your loss. Larry, as we also have a family member with Alzheimer's I know a bit of what you are going through.

The weather is strange here too. My daffodils are piling up on top of one another bloomtimewise. The earliest ones usually fade before the later ones open but not this year. We have a hardy almond and a plum tree in full bloom. We seldom get a crop of either and I am afraid this year may be no exception. There is still plenty of time for a frost to take them out. I just hope that the peach, pear and cherry will make something. Is too years in a row too much to ask for?

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chickencoupe - I am such a noob myself I fear I may not give you the best of advice. But they did change the zone map this year. Consider what that scientist said, it makes sense why they did, but I question whether the change was aggressive enough.

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Carol, we are sorry for your loss, sad to know that donor liver didn't arrive in time. Our payers are you and family.

Larry, we pray are with you and family, I hope your daughter's health improve and great sympathy for son-in-law.

Yes it feels like summer in the day and night like spring, our thermometers shows max 78 and min 42 this morning at 4:30am. Yetrday was so good, we have done with pond. Need some fine tuning and touch up. Planted two Early girl in ground. I saw very huge better boy hybrid tomato plants with lot of blooms, was tempted to pick couple of them, then thought I may not have time plant them in ground.

regards -Chandra

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