We are in North Idaho and Need a hedge in our back yard....

sullivansmomAugust 28, 2009

Hi, we are in Moscow Idaho and need a hedge to seperate our back yard from the neighbors back yard. A fence would be fantastic but they are expensive and the other side of our backyard is fine so I think a hedge on the one side will do the trick.

Just wondering if you have suggestions for good ones to look at. We don't want mess makers. We would like 6' tall and bushy to keep the kids on their side. And of course privacy. The dirt is not great and it will be on a slope. Thanks and let me know if more info is needed.


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You appear to be in hardiness zone 5. Native plants are often an excellent choice - well suited to the environment and climatic conditions and generally easy to find, plant and establish in a range of soil conditions. But you do not have to be limited to just natives. There are a couple of decent retail nurseries in your area and more if you can drive a bit (The Post Falls/Coeur d'Alene area). Visiting one might broaden your perspectives on what could work well for your purposes.

And check with your county extension office for more info. They are often an excellent source for suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: U Idaho extension service

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You might get some good ideas at the University of Idaho Arboretum - as I recall it's not all just trees. Many plants aren't labeled however.

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Moscow is also near Pullman and WSU also, isn't it?
So would their extension/ master gardeners also have info for you?

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