Help !! RI blueberry-ish looking plant and fruit

o7sugar(7)July 24, 2010

Ok so while doing a search for the same thing I already apparantly tried to find out 2 years ago, I came across my old thread here. So I'm re-posting with more info and this time pics!!!

The bushes are about 12-18" tall and there are a few that are approx. 4-5 feet tall. All have the same dark berry on them, and before there ripe, they're green. I'm not 100% on the flower color but I want to say I'm pretty certain they were white. The bushes grow in a wooded area, and right now there are tons of ripe fruits. I'm hoping there edible so I've come here to hopefully break the mystery to what I have exactly growing in my yard! I welcome all suggestions, so fire away! ;)

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I forgot to add the pics of the berries I cut open so you can see the color of the flesh and seeds.

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runktrun(z7a MA)

Huckleberries or some folks just call them blueberries. I like them better than blueberries, great for baking and I think they bruise less easily than blueberries.

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moon458(z6 CT)

Huckleberries. They have 10 larger hard seeds where blue berries are small and numerous. If you have a 10x magnifing glass you can look on the underside of the leave and see gold diamond shapes.
I have huckleberry bushes all over my woods, some are blue and some dark almost blackish.
I've used them in muffins and pound cakes.

Donna Mae

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Hi there Donna! Thanks for the tip with the magnifying glass--I'll have to check that out. As far as the seeds go, do they generally always have 10 seeds? I guess I have to cut open a couple more and start counting. I do know that they do have a crunch to them (yes, I tried one just to see if it had any hint of a blueberry taste). But I didn't want to just guess that it was a huckleberry based on the crunch of the seeds inside ;)
Donna - do you by any chance have a pic of your bushes and berries so I could compare, especially since we live sort of in the same area?

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moon458(z6 CT)

I don't have any pics, sorry.
The link is the type of huckleberry I have in my yard. More bluish than what you have. There are many different spieces as is with blueberries. I had never seen huckleberries until I moved here so I did some research before using them.
There is also a low bush huckleberry that is more black, like what you are showing. The leaves on your plant seem slightly different than my bushes too.

Here's a link with some info on black huckleberries.

The berries in my yard have 10 very hard seeds. I made muffins with them, definatly adds a crunch, not to crazy about that.
I think blueberries are more bluish inside.
Hoped this helped as I was leary at first using them since I knew they weren't bluberries.

Donna Mae

Here is a link that might be useful:

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