Yellow leaves on Passion Vine

ellen_portland(z8 OR)August 23, 2009

My passion vine lost all it's leaves after the last heavy snow. I thought it was dead, as it was the first time it had done that since I put it in the ground 4 years ago.

Under this forum's direction I waited and watched- and it came back! I was so pleased.

Well, it's been growing like crazy, but no blooms. Almost a month ago my dog went after a tennis ball that mistakenly landed behind the vine and the fence line. As the vine is attached to a lattice, said dog got her head stuck for a few seconds while I ran screaming to rescue her and the plant.

I lost a few long shoots, but the vine seemed to be fine and growing. It still seems to be growing but I've noticed yellowing leaves around the base of the plant (it's never done this before to my recollection)

Is there something I can do? I thought since it's been so long the plant weathered the doggy tussle okay. Maybe the two aren't related?

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Passion vine leaves commonly turn yellow when the plant decides it can't support them any longer. I've only grown them in pots, and it can do that from either under or over watering, or when it's reached the max leaves it can support in a pot or during repotting. I might venture a guess that yours might have gotten a little dry at some point recently in this heat and the plant decided it could only support a few less leaves. You should probably concentrate most though on the new leaves. If you have a nice rapid succussion of healthy green leaves from the top then you are in good shape; it can't keep all the old ones forever. Keep an eye on your water & fertilizer and it should be fine. :)
- Tom

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