Calanthe Grouville ('Super Semi' x 'Long John')

orchidnickJanuary 20, 2014

This is a Calanthe hybrid made years ago by the famous Eric Young group. Numerous colors and formations were created. Cal Orchids had a number of them but they did not sell too well so when a Japanese buyer offered to buy the lot, James Rose jumped at it. Cal Orchids has no more and I don't know where one can find them, I have been looking.

One of the Hawaiian vendors has one called Rozel 'Water field 'Rasberry', I have it but it has not bloomed yet. I also got another one from J@L. This one was bought from Cal Orchids by one of our members who gave me a bulb 2 years ago. It has grown phenomenal and I could split a bulb for a trade for another one of the Eric Young hybrids if anyone has one. Here is a list of the ones I have found, I know there are many more:

Grouville ('Super semi' x 'Long John')
Kinteroi âÂÂWaterfield Raspberryâ p
Rozel âÂÂMendenhall Pinkâ x Rozel âÂÂNewberryâ p
Rozel âÂÂPololei Rubyâ p

The Grouville is the only one that has bloomed for me at this time. This is the first of many flowers that will open over the next 2 to 3 month. The stalk will eventually be 3' long, quite rigid not needing staking. While this is happening, the leaves will wilt and fall off. The new bulb will emerge in the summer, develop it's leaves and then bloom next winter/spring as the leaves fall off again.

I'm growing it cool but the member who gave me the bulb grows his intermediate. I will probably split it this year and grow half on the warm side.


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The entire plant, poor photo, sorry. It gets to be quite spectacular, I'll keep posting as it evolves. As you can see the leaves are already beginning to look ratty. Not much longer for them.


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The Eric Young Foundation is still active but i don't know how to purchase plants from them. Here is a link.

The second photo is an example of the beautiful Calanthe hybrids, more of which are on display further down.


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Wow, those photos are amazing. The Calanthe hybrids are beautiful as are the Vuyls (which I've tried to grow and always kill). I think the article sums it up:

"It is the continuation of EricâÂÂs
private orchid collection, his main
hobby, albeit on a grand scale. Part
of its remit is to provide a collection
that can be admired and studied by
all, to inspire others to take up orchid
growing as a hobby, and also to act
as a tourist attraction for the island.
The Foundation is not a commercial
nursery so does not produce plants
specifically for sale. However, some
of the surplus stock is occasionally
released to selected
UK nurseries
for sale to the hobbyist, but these
are in extremely limited numbers."


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I'm painfully aware that they don't sell to the public. I'm trying my luck with certain Paph dignitaries like Hasegawa and /or Koopewitz and also see if the Odontoglossum greats like Hamilton and Perlite can land some of their plants.


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It's beginning to come into it's bloom. Long lasting flowers, I'd love to get more of these but am banging my head against a wall.


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About 1/2 open and ready for our spring show this week-end.


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It was appreciated at the show, won a trophy for 'Best of Section'


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Well deserved!!

Congrats, beautiful plant


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