Mold and Mildew

derekellisJuly 11, 2013

What can cause mold or mildew on the sides of a plant pot?

I have a 6 inch, terra cotta pot that I have an aloe plant in.

I give it 8oz of water a week. It is growing very well, with no signs of root rot

I have been wiping it off with soap and water.

so what could I do to help stop it from forming? am using too much water? the soil is dry down to the first knuckle, and I have two inches of pebbles in the bottom of the pot.

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Is it white? I'm wondering if it's minerals leaching from the water as opposed to mold or mildew.

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yes its white, but im not so sure if its mineral deposits.

its damp, slimy texture like. I used bottled water to water my plant

I will post a picture if it forms again.

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well I have let the pot and soil dry, and its turned mineral like. Perhaps is just minerals left over from evaporated water after all?

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Since its a terra cotta pot, it could also be minerals leaching out of the pot.

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