Zone 4 or Minnesota mini hostas

peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)October 1, 2012

In the recent Hosta Journal vol.43 #2, pg.11, there was an article about minis that suggested several times about growing them in raised areas. I've struggled with minis as others have, too. What's the trick in our area? Do you have them in raised beds? I don't want to put them in planters as I don't have a good winter storage spot.


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I have Cracker Crumbs in a raised bed. Others that I've had for at least three years, some 10 or more are: Pandoras Box, Cherish, Limey Lisa, Blue Mouse Ears, Cat and Mouse, and Radiant Star (2 yrs.). These are all in the ground without any special conditions except for extra water. I planted a couple more this spring, we'll see if they show up next spring.

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Here in our neck of the Zone 4 woods we have minis planted in 'flat' beds, and in 'raised' beds, if 3-4" can be considered 'raised'.

We don't see any noticeable difference in growth or survivability.

Leads me to wonder what possible advantage a raised bed should provide, besides not bending over so far to work.



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peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)

Yeh, it's puzzling as to what's best.

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Well, I have more minis than I realized. I put the first ones in small pots. Hmmmm, that just did not work too well, because they dried out quicker, and were easy to overlook. So I began using big flat bowls and put from 4 to 7 minis in each one. I think I have about 4 or 5 bowls now. If I can afford to get stiffer plastic bowls, or maybe make some sturdy hypertufa bowls, I will have the problem licked.
Next spring, of course.

I have a few small/mini hosta that are holding up nicely. If you like the mouse series, be sure to check out Snow Mouse. It is very thick leaved, and durable. Then Cracker Crumbs is hanging tough this late in the season. Atom Smasher seems to be shrinking a bit, but is still very green/yellow. I love Little Jay and White Dove--reverse variegations. Then a strong grower seems to be Verna Jean. Never heard of it but what the heck, my best friend's mama is named that, so I got two of those. Lemon Lime is doing well, but it does not have heavy substance. I ordered a second Grand Tiara, the first one is in a nose dive to oblivion, and as many Masquerades as I've bought this year, I'm hoping at least ONE will survive. It makes a gorgeous clump.

It will be very interesting next spring to watch for little eyes peeping out...or maybe not....and then we'll be off and running for a 2nd year of hosta addiction.

Some really fine plants came through my garden gates this year. I'm already looking forward to spring!

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