Tomato Blossoms

sconticut(6b)July 11, 2009

Am I alone in suffering from lack of blossom set on tomatoes on south coast MA? I grew 15 heirloom varities from seed, transplanted properly and today have vigorous, robust, disease free plants five feet tall loaded with blossoms. I don't have a single fruit. I have kept an almanac for 30 years and this is a first. It's never happened. I am a half mile from the sea shore and it has been damp, dark, and dank this summer to date. My sweet peppers are slow but I have some fruit. I find my October planted garlic which is usually ready to harvest this week, is still too green. Pole beans are also slow. Potatoes are fine. They love these condx.

Just wonder if anyone else is in this kind of miserable situation.

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No fruit here either, on the cape. But then, I never have tomatoes until mid-to-late August (and that's a good year), no matter what I do to hurry them up.

We should be getting some heat this week; I bet these plants are revving their engines, and will be loaded with fruit soon.

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No fruit here yet either (mid-Cape) though T-plants are robust. Wait, I lie: out of 24 different heirloom maters, I have one plant (Stulpice) with a few small, green marbles that bear some tantalizing resemblance to a future fruit (far in the future.)
Good to have diggininthedirt's reminder that we (Capers) never do have many maters until mid-to late August.
But it's been so darn cold 'n rainly here that one feels paranoid.
My peppers and beans are very slow, and my eggplants are pathetic.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

I don't grow tomatoes, but I went to the local dump, AKA "transfer station", yesterday where the attendant has her first tomato plants growing in containers. She says the tomatoes are dime-sized, I didn't go over to look. This is in the southern end of Plymouth, MA.

I bought tomatoes Friday at the farmers' market in Buzzards Bay. He had a reasonable selection of tomatoes grown in Dighton, in Bristol County, MA. The farm probably has some sort of protection set up, though.


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"vigorous, robust, disease free plants five feet tall loaded with blossoms. I don't have a single fruit."

This describes my plants exactly also in Plymouth MA. I was worried it was because I never see any pollinators on them. Will tomatoes bear fruit if the pollinators aren't finding them? I have them up on my patio, so away from my flower beds. I had plenty of fruit last year, but this year is so weird!


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Thank you all for the responses....feel better suffering in misery w others. Took a drive down to the community garden beds this morning and noted the same condx: Lots of nice plants and no fruit. When I arrived home, Eureka! Found secveral marble sized fruit on my "Delicious" plants and a couple of peppers on the Red Knights. Amazing what a day or two of sunshine will do.
To Ishibley, Tomatoes are pretty much self pollinating critters. Just give them a good shake each time you walk by. Will stand corrected if there are any aggie experts out there.

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I have good fruit set out here in Western MA, but I also have early blight on two plants and some very strange viral-looking thing going on. I am probably going to have to pull them out. This is my first year with a serious veggie garden and I am getting hammered. :(

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Here's an angle you may not have thought of: Our pollinators have been inside, like us, during these heavy rains. My bee teacher says she has seen some colonies starting to starve because they can't get to the fields and flowers. We're all feeding our bees sugar syrup weeks later than usual to avoid that situation.

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Here in western MA, I have very spindly tomatoes but one of them already has some egg size fruit. However, there is an unusual rate of blight this year. Do you have to pull them out if they are diseased? Are they going to spread the virus? :-( I bought these tomato seedlings from local nursery.

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

My tomato bed is 800 ft. from the ocean on the South Coast, just across the state line into RI. Tall, bushy healthy plants, lots of flowers, and some Early Girls have golf-ball size fruits, Sweet 100's showing pea-size ones, nothing on the beefsteak or brandywine varieties. Everything's late this year: my buddleias; hydrangeas bluing up late, midsummer clematis still in buds. So be patient. In a normal season my tomatoes aren't ripe until early August, at least.

Also, watch out for that tomato blight. I pulled up one Brandywine plant, and its neighbor is looking droopy now. Remember to not put blighted plants in your compost heap.


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Working in my mom's garden yesterday, I noticed she had grape tomatoes in a raised bed with full-sized, green fruit. I suppose that soil warms up faster than the ground, especially with the weather we had last month. One or two more days of sun and she'll have a nice crop, ready to eat - that will get me back over there, for sure.

I may have to find a spot for a raised bed in my own garden ...

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Do we have too much water this year? The one tomato in the earthbox seems to be bushier and healthier....?

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started_with_bean(Zone 5--MA)

Here in the 'burbs of Boston (think inside 128), my son has eaten about a half dozen Supersweet 100 from my biggest container grown plant. BUT, I started this one from seed in mid April, so it's almost 6' tall. My 2nd Supersweet, started from seed around May 1st, is over 5' tall, but has lots of blossoms and some nickel sized fruits. Lastly, a black cherry tomato that was wintersown and acquired in a swap in June is just 8" tall, with only a couple of set of leaves. Depends on your starting time, I guess.
So you see, I think the fruits are coming, and we all just gotta have a little patience. With this weather, July 4th weekend felt like Memorial Day weekend, and my flowers are certainly acting like that!

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lisazone6_ma(z6 MA)

I'm just outside Boston heading north and just noticed a couple green marbles on my cherry tomato. I have 10 various plants besides the one cherry - Julia Child, Cherokee Purple, San Marzano, and Pompeii. I have a few flowers here and there on good sized (3'), healthy looking plants, but a few plants have no flowes that I can see at all. I'm hoping now that we finally have sun, they'll burst into bloom because out of 10 plants, I'm going to be lucky to get a handful of tomatoes at the rate I'm going! I had dreams of buckets of toms too - I've never had more than 3 plants before this year so I was after a big harvest!

My cucumbers and pole beans are flowering finally, I might get my first zucchini in a day or two and I think I noticed some buds forming on one of the two mini eggplants I have (my first time growing them). I have some flowers on my peppers as well, but that's another plant I'm growing for the first time so I really don't know what's "normal" because we haven't had "normal" this year!! Everything seems a month behind!

We better have a long, warm fall or I'm going to be very upset lol!!


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I'm just north of Concord NH. I'm glad just to see some blossoms. Unfortunately, I think our nights have been too cool for fruit to set. Night time temps should be above 55. I finally got a crop of sugar snap peas, a bush variety, but a taller variety isn't growing as tall as it should. I planted them later to extend my sugar snap season so I hope I don't lose them to heat which we might eventually get.

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so far I have harvested 4 beans and 1 cucumber. Lots of cucumber flowers and little cukes coming along:-)

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