hosta_freak(z6 NC)October 3, 2011

Hope you all are doin' good this morning. It was 37 with lots of frost this morning. Parhelion is still hanging in,though. Phil

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bernd ny zone5

The end of my hosta season might be this Thursday night, forecast is also 37, Wednesday night will be 39. Leaf colors are changing, falling more. Days are in the 60s now, so long pants and jackets are worn in the morning now.
Spring will be in 6 months, hosta showing up again in 7 months. Bernd

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Getting my slug killum stuff out on the potted hosta, and a little diatomaceous earth scattered around the base of the whole batch of pots. Gotta kill those pests before the hosta croak for the season. I hope when my stash of hosta wake up it will be spring in Mobile.

Right now it is only in the 40s at night, not much different in zone 5b and 8b...except for daytime highs.

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Jon 6a SE MA

How in the world did this post get kicked up? I thought I was losing it...again.

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Just what we needed in this heat wave. I have 97 now and HOT.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Ahhhh! Memories of days gone by! Looking forward to those days again after this year. Phil

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Yeah, I was wondering about 40 degree nights in Mobile. It's so hot here, you can barely breathe outside. I have to walk the puppy daily, or she eats the sheetrock off the walls. Going around 1 block is a real chore for me in this heat. I shouldn't complain though, compared to last year, this year is a cakewalk.


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I was wondering if this was in celsius temperatures to make us Canadians feel at home but finally looked on the date it was first posted. Wondered if you were around the south pole or where!

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Yep, I had a few startled moments when NY was having 37 degrees. Lot of difference in that and the current 71 I'm seeing at our house up in MA. Must have stormed there today. Hopefully not as deadly a storm as what hit CT and RI yesterday. Lot of folks in that region now have power outages...not even a FAN, no ICE, oh man that hurts to think about it.

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You guys just about gave me a heart attack. Here we are with good summer weather - 84 now at 7 pm. and I was trying to figure out how your season is ending when it seems mine is still getting going? I thought we might as well have been on different planets or something. October, 2011 - now I get it.

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