Vuyl. Melissa Brianne 'Shady Lady'

jane__ny(9-10)February 8, 2008

Easy plant to grow. Flowers on every new growth which mature at different times so there's always spikes and flowers.


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Well, yes, an easy plant to grow.

HOW do you get it to BLOOM???
THAT is the question.

Yours is beautiful and very like mine own. I just tore them apart, hoping for this type of comeback.
Please, if anything has worked consistantly for you, I would LOVE to know!!

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thanks cena. I'm not sure, its just such an easy plant to grow. Very vigorous, always gowing and I really neglect this plant. Maybe that's the trick, forget you have it. I don't know what zone you are in, I grow it cool in winter, dry between water (its a big drinker) and I have it potted in med. bark with perlite. It can take a lot of sun in summer when it makes many growths which flower over the winter. This is a division from my larger plant which I split up last spring.


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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Jane, the colors are yummy, like swirled marble. Whitecat8

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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

Love the colors!

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paul_(z5 MI)

VERY nice! Reminds me of Wilsonara kohlobri

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sdahl(Near Yosemite)

Obviously happy! Mine is just now sending out new growths, rather late?


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