Whole tray of seedlings died

seeker1122(7a ok)March 3, 2014

I had oral work done a few days ago and put my tray (72 cell) of cole crops out before I left because it was warm and I was hardening them off.
I was out of it and forgot them until 3am and it got so cold and killed the whole tray.
Do I have time to restart them? I'm so mad they were the best cole crop seedlings I've had in years.
That's how it goes it's always something every time I start seeds.
thank's all Tree

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Gotta love the ups and downs of gardening!
If this spring is anything like last year, I would say you have plenty of time to start over.

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I agree, Tree. Go for it. I had a great looking start myself...then got busy and forgot to water them. Lost a couple each of brocs, cabbage and cauliflower...but I replanted yesterday and the seeds have already broken open.

We may not be able to harden these types of crops off until late March at this rate, maybe early April!

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Couple of years ago I did this, in mid April, with ALL of my tomato transplants. I think that was in 2008. A little while later I went to the Spring Fling and came home with a whole lot of tomato transplants.

Tahlequah, OK

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Plant something else to take your mine off the lost babies.

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I'm sorry about your seeds, but how's your mouth?! Dental work is THE worst!

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