Under your sprinklers, everyone?

carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)July 20, 2011

Except for the immediate coat facing south, it's really hot, and should continue so for the next couple of days. Might even hit 100 Friday inland. So what are you doing? Are you lying down underneath your watering systems? Wading in your garden ponds? Staying indoors?

Carol (on immediate coast facing south)

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

The morning fog hasn't quite burned off yet, and the temperature around the house is about 76-77 degrees. The forecast is for really hot except for the south coast and the cape and islands. My area is just north of the Cape Cod Canal and the weather can go either way - I'm hoping for Cape temperatures and not South Shore/inland temperatures.

Well stocked up on ice cubes and food that doesn't need to be heated. I'll stay home in the shade as much as possible, although I do need to go out in the car this afternoon. I'm hoping to make a dent in the big pile of non-gardening magazines (if I can drag myself away from the computer).


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It's chilly here in Falmouth! Hope the fog sticks around.

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terrene(5b MA)

It is 90F in the shade here right now. I have been out this morning filling bird baths, watering, getting some materials at the hw store, etc. and it's not too bad so far. I've still been doing a little gardening during this hot weather, but try to follow the shade through the day. After gardening it's fun to rinse off with the hose, and do a little watering at the same time.

I have refrained from turning on the AC so far this year, which is only in the addition part of the house. I close up the house in the am, all windows, doors and shades and then open it up when it cools off in the evening. Use some table top and window fans. Right now it's 78F in the upstairs and with a small fan it's comfortable. A little cooler downstairs.

The decline in air quality was noticeable this morning. It's supposed to be in the high 70s tonight. Probably need to turn on the AC downstairs and sleep on the couch tonight.

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I watered well yesterday and made sure the bird bath was re-filled. It's shallow granite so it evaporates quickly despite being in shade part of the day. We live just north of Concord NH and close up the house each morning same way terrene does. It is noticeably cooler inside. A visitor thought we had AC. We have a large fan in a 2nd floor window that exhausts during the night to take the hot air out of the house. Ceiling fans are great, too.

It's too hot to eat on the screened porch. Last weekend it was so lovely to sit in the shade of a maple tree to admire the yard. If we go out this weekend it will probably be to go jump in the river.

I picked most of the sugar snaps yesterday. Picked our first 3 zucchinis this morning and need to cut the broccoli. Thinned out some turnip greens for our daughter-in-law's chickens.

I don't want summer to hurry ... but I really want to move a light yellow ruffled daylily from the north side of a bed to the south. The blooms face south into the bed. The south side is too crowded so I'll remove a large clump of yellow marguerite. Right now, in addition to the aforementioned, the bed had shastas, pink coneflowers, a dark leafed wigelea (wines and roses?), gold yarrow, and lavender in bloom. White phlox is just starting to bloom.

In a nearby bed, white daylilies look good. There's a very young weeping crab in the middle of the bed and two dark purple leaved perennials that will bloom later. I think some dark pink astilbe would look nice next to the lilies. And I need to record some of these plant names before I forget.

Maybe if I get out real early in the morning, I can dig up the garlic and ready the bed for a late planting of sugar snap peas...

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mskee(z6 MA)

About 95 degrees here now, and, I saw on the news that our "heat index" is about 108. Whatever that means. In the "old days," it just meant that it was pretty dam* hot!

The heat doesn't bother me much, except for sleeping. But, I'm watering the gardens every day, sometimes squirting myself too!...letting the grass go dormant...jogging in the early morning before it heats up...closing the windows and the blinds in the morning...no a/c in the house except for the bedroom, and, I gratefully use it at night!

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

It's now Friday, should be the hottest day, and the wind is now from the north, meaning it's crossing land instead of water on the way here. So no more cooling fog, no more sea breeze.

I spent yesterday slow-watering the various garden beds & shrubs, which leaves me free today to drive in my AC car to a mall or a movie or an ice cream soda.

But how I wish I could pick a big ripe tomato from my garden for lunch! No such luck; not yet.


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I walked out the door at 8:45 to bring my daughter to camp - I couldn't believe how sweltering hot it was. I guess today is the day to tackle that pile of bill filing up in the office - no gardening for me today!

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Was out watering at 6:30 before work this morning. And will water again this evening. It's now 10:48 am and 94 degrees, with a feel-like temp of 107 according to Accuweather. Thank heaven for air conditioning!!!

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It's 92 here at the moment with a heat index of 106. I went out earlier, cleaned and filled the birdbaths and watered a few things that might not handle the high temp. When the temperature soars like this I'm grateful for all the shade in my yard from huge oak & pine trees. I have a small window A/C + ceiling fans that keep my tiny house comfortable but still I hope this heat goes away soon. Some plants thrive in it while others don't fare as well.

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corunum z6 CT(6)

Glad I'm not a string bean:

108 degrees on garden window thermometer

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Lovely planter!!!

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