Native landscaper recommendation?

nancita(6)July 3, 2013

Hi all,
Moved back to MA after ten years in Key West where we had the most beautiful native garden. After getting settled back here, I am looking to find someone to help with natives here.
The yard is nothing special now. Have arborvitae trees along the back and one side of the property. Not really my fav but can't justify removing them. So I would like to add to those two areas and do an overhaul of the rest of the property, which is rather small, maybe 4000 sq. ft. total with the house in the middle.
Any recommendations for either a garden center that might lean toward natives and might have landscaping services or a company/person that might do the same? I appreciate any suggestions and advice from the incredibly knowledgeable people that contribute to these wonderful forums.
Thank you.

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I know the Garden in the Woods in Natick specializes in Native New England plants. They are in some way connected with the Nasami Farm Nursery in Western Massachusetts, and if you call them in advance they can order all sorts of Native plants.

I know the soil conservation offices in many counties have annual sales in Spring where they offer a few kinds of plants at deep discounts. Moose Hill has an annual native plant sale in the Spring.

I think I know someone socially who works for a company that does organic edible landscaping or something weird like that.

I think arborvitae actually are native to this area. (Although they seem boring to me to.

If you came from Key West you may be a bit disappointed. In that tropical environment, you have a much broader range of options.

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Garden in the Woods and Nasami Farm are both part of the New England Wildflower Society. The organization in general and their website would be a good resource for you. A visit to Garden in the Woods might give you some ideas.

Also, you might want to define for yourself what you mean by natives since plants labeled as natives may or may not be native to MA. Many natives will grow outside of their native ranges, but are labeled by nurseries as native because they grow somewhere in the US as natives, even if they aren't naturally occurring species in MA. Are you comfortable with selections or hybrids of native species?

Here is a link that might be useful: New England Wildflower Society

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You don't give your location, which might make a difference!

If you're near the Cape, Paul Miskovsky is our resident expert on native and 'regionally appropriate' gardens. He worked with Allen Haskell for many years and along with David H (Allen's son) just won 1st prize at the Newport garden show (which I missed, once again).

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Sorry, I thought somewhere my zone was mentioned. It's zone 6 and I am in Newton, The Garden City.
So, I would be very happy with plants/trees that do well here and do not require a lot of TLC. I especially am fond of fragrant flora.
KW was quite special because there was always something in bloom and plenty of green. I do miss those palm trees. But, here, it is so special come spring. Things come alive and makes you appreciate the beauty even more.

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mrtulin annoying.....I lost a few paragraphs.....I wish GW wouldn't just erase a post when clumsy fingers manage (somehow) to go somewhere else. Nevertheless.....
I know a lovely, talented woman who got her landscaping cert. in native plants and design from Radcliffe Seminars, now a part of Harvard U. She lives right in Lexington. She knows her plants inside out. Good designer. I think she's just who you are looking for.
Please write to me and I'll send you her contact information.

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