Hostas and construction

moosiekodaOctober 13, 2012

We need to replace our drain field for the septic system.

It means completely moving one of my hosta beds.

Question is for the bobcat loader to get to the area, they have to drive through another hosta bed - with about 4 hostas in the way. It will be November and hostas are done for the year. Is it safe for him to drive over those four? they are well established large hostas.

My hostas are mostly frost bit now - can I safely move the big bed to a nursery bed for the winter?


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oUCH ! Bobcats are not all THAT heavy, so I'd be thinking about some sort of temporary jury-rigged 'bridge' for it.

Say, something like cement blocks and heavy boards.

Somehow this situation seems a bit different from just 'throwing them on the driveway' . . .

Just off the top of my head,


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


dig them up, soil and all .. and put them on the north side of a structure. and bury them in chopped up leaves or straw.. or mulch .... and leave them there until spring ...

once your ground freezes ... they will just be dormant lumps.. and you can replant them in spring ...

why risk it.. crimminey.. you are talking 4 hosta ...

i suspect.. you will regret it.. if you choose the lazy route ... i doubt they will die.. but they will be smaller.. if not rot, come spring ...


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I totally agree with ken. Only 4 hostas, dig them up and given them winter mulch to prevent dessication; then plant in spring. (I think that is what ken was saying!)

Last fall I'd "chunked" a bunch in the dirt like that and this year they were just fine. I do everything possible to prevent even stepping on the eyes of a dormant hostas.

Bobcats are not that heavy but they are skid steer and if a wheel twisted like that over a hosta crown -WOW- that wouold be traumatic! I would either write off the hostas if I couldn't avoid dig them up, or move them as ken recommended.


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We had the same problem one year when we had some trees removed. We just put down a couple of sheets of plywood for the bobcat, and took them up when they were finished. It worked fine. Kept them from digging up the ground. Easier than digging up the plants.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

she told me privately .. they are too big ...

then get the guy with the backhoe .. who is going to dig the field ... to dig them out ...

i doubt they will die .. but it would be worth my effort to move them..

good luck with whatever you choose ..


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bernd ny zone5

I believe that I saw somewhere such construction guys have old pieces of plywood which they simply place over places they would have problems with driving over. Ask them!

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