aristea ecklonii

billyet(Portland OR)August 6, 2009

I have just moved to Portland and would like to know if anybody is growing aristea ecklonii here--iris relative, very very blue flowers from S Africa I think. I had one in Alabama, but had to leave it behind and would like to find another one.

Also, I am looking for blue-eyed grass, another relative.

thanks, if anyone grows them here I'd like to know about how they do and maybe trade?

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I've seen aristea on occasion in local nurseries, but I believe it to be of marginal hardiness in this area. Sisyrinchium is much easier to find, including several west coast natives as well as hybrids. It is far hardier.

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billyet(Portland OR)

Dear gardengal48
I just ran across what looks like a beautiful iris species: herbetia?
I see you specialize in iris, and wondered if you know if these are available in Portland, and how well they grow here.
I am planning to have as much blue-eyed grass as I can, it was lovely in my garden in Alabama. So far (we only got the key to our new house last week)--so far, I have spent all my garden time digging up blackberries, garden has been neglected for over a year, and the blackberries are taking over. But as soon as I get a breathing spell I will check out nurseries.
Would appreciate any recommendations about pdx nurseries, and what grows well here: as far as I can tell everything is burgeoning, even in the bad heat of last week.
Thanks for your help

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Try finding local vendors by looking in The Plant Locator - Western Region published in Portland and current through 2004. Individual inventories will be different now but web sites of those that had the particular plants desired at that time can be visited to find out if any still have them.

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