Den. laevifolium

bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)February 16, 2009

I got this plant a year ago from Oak Hill, after I was confident that my air chiller would keep gh temps low enough. Unfortunately, the color of the blooms is the exact color my camera has difficulty reproducing accurately -- they're really a deeper, hotter fuschia. (Used a bit of post-processing to make the pics a tad redder...still not quite there.) Neat little den!


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Very nice! One my favorites. Does it bloom from the leafless pseudobulbs?

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bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)

No -- it sends up a short inflorescence from the base of the plant. I don't know if two buds per inflorescence is typical, but that's what I got this time.


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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

Good job

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Very pretty. Durn, think I've killed my plant. It's not looking good at all!

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