Aerangis hyaloides

bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)February 16, 2009

This species is also known by the synonym, Aerangis pumilio. It's extremely tiny, and I believe is the smallest of the genus (unless there's another misidentified member floating around in some taxonomist's drawer! LOL) There are fourteen inflorescences total, some with only a couple of blooms, others with many more. The flowers themselves sometimes completely open, but most often remain cupped. They're approximately an eighth-inch across the semi-open petals, and perhaps a quarter-inch in length. I think by next season the inflorescences will be long enough to hang downward instead of outward as they are now.

If this plant would be closer in size to the others in the genus, it would be one spectacular plant! You almost have to use a magnifying glass to fully appreciate it!


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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

How beautiful!

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mrbreeze(z6/7 OK)

Way to go Bruce!
I'd have to say that one is in the top three of Angs I'd recommend other people to try. While I've killed at least one, they have always seemed very reliable bloomers and quite forgiving for such a tiny little thing.

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carolinn_on(z3 Northern Ontario)

Very pretty!


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