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slowpoke_gardenerMarch 3, 2013

I dont know anyone around here that grows celery, but my neighbor brought some seeds to me today. I told him that I did not have a lot of faith, but I was certainly dumb enough to try.

I hope some of you have some pointers.


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Larry, Jay grows it so maybe he will respond. You may be a little late to get transplants this year, because I think he starts his very, very early.

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Carol, I feel sure I am late, but he was kind enough to give me seeds so I will try to start a few anyway. I will try to save some seeds for next year if I see anything encouraging from them.

Madge has a pineapple and a couple of trees growing in the bathroom, so we are use to plant failure. Taking out the skylight did not help any either.

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I've grown some in the greenhouse and it is a water hog. i don't remember the variety but it does need to be cool temps.

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I have read that celery needs to grow in almost boggy soil. This may be something I need to start and then plant in tubs in the run-off from my artesian well early next spring.

I really expect there is a reason I have never seen it growing around here.

I have also thought about trying to grow Water chestnuts, That is also something I have never heard of anyone growing here.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Well, to go with the celery and water chestnuts, you could plant water cress and rice. Then, the way things seem to happen around here, your soil will dry up and no rain will fall. You could try it....just to get your land to dry up!


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