What are you doing to prepare your veg garden for Irene?

staceyneilAugust 25, 2011

I kept waiting for the track to change so it'd miss us, like Earl last year, but it looks more and more likely that here in coastal Maine we're going to see at least tropical storm force winds. So in addition to getting my sailboat to a safe "hurricane hole" I guess I should think about the vegetable garden.

Since this sort of thing is so rare here, I don't know what to do. The tomatoes are full of fruit: do I really have to pick it all? What does everyone else do in these situations?

Thank you!


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Hello staceyneil,

I am on the southern coast of Maine and I am thinking of the same thing. I was just admiring my bumper crop of tomatoes. THe FIRST time I ever had a bumper crop of tomatoes! And I have been trying to figure out someway to protect them from the wind and rain but I can't think of anything short of building a shed around them that would be strong enough. SO I guess my only solution is to pick all the tomtoes even the green ones and say goodbye to all the tomatoes plants. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear what has worked for you in saving your tomatoe plants during a hurricane.


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I figure the tomatoes are my most vulnerable crop so I'll pick everything that is almost ripe. Then figure out what to do with any that end up on the ground.

We don't have corn but I suspect that will suffer from wind damage.

I better have DH put the fabric covered low tunnel in the barn.

Not a good time to be an apple farmer.

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Like defrost, I'm going to pick anything that is almost ripe. And then I will figure out what to do after the fact. Green tomato salsa???

I'm just outside 128 in the Boston area, and my veggie garden borders our woods, so 1) I don't expect to get the same amount of wind and rain as the coastal areas, and 2) my veggies are a bit protected from Eastern winds.

Personally I'm a bit more concerned about the amount of rain we get and ending up with water in my basement.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

The farmer at my local farmer's market last week recommended green tomato pie. I'd already bought some white nectarines for a pie so I passed on that, but it sounded good. This farmer's market is on Friday so I imagine he'll be picking a lot of fruit and vegetables ahead of the hurricane. His farm is in Dighton, MA in Bristol County near the RI border.


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