Early to Mid May

mctavish6October 7, 2012

After posting a picture of Liberty on the recent thread Hosta of the Year 2012, it got me thinking of how great the Hostas look in the spring. They are so perfect and pristine. I find it inspiring to remember how great they looked and will again just that as they are sarting to go to sleep for the winter.

Here is the first of some threads to show off your spring gardens and plants. This is early to mid May just as some annuals have been planted. This years new Hostas (further along than many of mine in the ground) are sitting around in pots and at least some basic clean up has been done. These pictures are closer to the house, the earliest place they show up. You will see I don't have that many bulbs. Daffodils, other than the little ones, hardly come up and tulips diminish noticeably every year. There are a few close by the house that have returned but the further you get from the protected locations, the quicker they dimish and shrink. In some places you'll see one tulip here and one there. I'm sure many of you will have beautiful bulb displays. I look forward to seeing them along with your spring hostas.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

In May here in NE not everything is fully open. The blues are looking really good at this time of year and the Rhodies, and Azaleas are blooming.

Blue Hawaii with a red Azalea

The back bed.

Piedmont Gold

Blue Mammoth


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I like bulbs,but around here,I can't grow them. Oh,I can plant as many as I want,but then the critters dig them up and eat them,or carry them off and plant them somewhere else. I continually find tulips coming up in places where I know I didn't plant them. All my Crocuses have disappeared,and I had some really nice ones! Nice gardens as usual Myrle! I find,as I look at your pics,that I don't really have much of a garden,just a few hostas planted in the woods. Phil

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A usual Myrle , your garden was a beautiful as ever.Love your garden too Phil. I also have rock envy really bad. I planted 180 bulbs this fall in amongst my hosta so hopefully the mice don't decide to eat them

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I don't have anything as good as your pics,Myrle,but here is a pic of Parhelion from April 11,2012. Phil

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Steve and Phil, thanks for contributing. Both of your gardens and plants are beautiful. Phil, you probably get the prize for gardening in the most difficult circumstances with your steep slope. That would be hard for someone (me) who tends to trip on flat ground. The pristine look in the spring is so uplifting.

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