Demdrobium jensinkii (formerly know as aggregatum)

orchidnickFebruary 7, 2014

Officially changed it's name to jensinkii, probably because no one ever used agregatum. I always called it Dend aggrevatum as it aggravated the hell out of me over the years. Even though I knew exactly what needs to be done, I could not make that thing bloom with consistency. This is one of 4 plants I'm growing. The other 3 are giving me the finger. It has a short spike as shown and a longer one with about 15 buds, not yet open.

Comes from the slopes of the Himalayas, cool to warm grower, has to have a dry winter rest. I only water it with Holy Water but still have only patchy success.


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James AKA lumpy_j

Wasn't it aslo called Lindleyi at some point?

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I love them, they are so pretty. I bought two and stuck them under a tree because I keep forgetting 'not to water them.'

You know it has rained on and off for the past two weeks.

I'm not expecting too much.


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I had it at a species meeting Sunday with a few AOS judges in attendance. Here is the skivvy on Dend Aggrevatum. Aggregatum is out, never to be used again on these plants. They are to be called either Dend jensinkii or Den lidleyi, mine being lindleyi. Lindleyi has a yellow flower, jensinkii more orange and also has smaller bulbs.


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That is actually aggregatum based on the size of the leaves in your photo. Den. jenkinsii is a very miniature orchid with a short (BN

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to photo of Den. jenkinsii showing entire plant

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Dend aggregatum no longer exists. It went the way of Schomburkia although I still call my SCKs that and always will. The longer spike opened, it is definitely yellow, not orange.


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Lovely! I wish mine would bloom. :(

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