Thunbergia mysorensis

gardengal48August 22, 2009

I recently acquired a very healthy and heavily blooming specimen of this tender vine. Apparently it is a very vigorous evergreen species orginating from India and therefore not frost hardy. It has unique and very showy flowers of gold and maroon that supposedly attract hummingbirds and give rise to the common name of "brick and butter" vine. My new house has a sunroom and I am being tempted to grow various tender plants I couldn't manage in the light conditions of my former place. Has anyone grown this as a least during the winter months? Any tips?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Grew it outdoors in SoCal.

There it was an extremely vigorous vine even tough it received minimal attention.

The pendant flower clusters can be spectacular, up to 18 inches long.

The main "glitch" is that the flowers have so much nectar that they literally drip.

So, if you try it in the green house, train it so that it has room for the dangling flowers, also *not* over a pathway where you will receive a sticky "rain."

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I've been growing Thunbergia laurifolia in my greenhouse for three years. The greenhouse was shaded much of the time before neighbor's cut down their box elder and we sold our camper. It was sluggish in winter but lived. Highly susceptible to spider mites and drying out. Wilts dramatically.

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