13477 slugs

newhostaaddictOctober 8, 2013

THAT"S how many slugs I have helped to meet their maker...(that I know of),,,

Via,,,vinegar solution, ammonia solution, table salt, and scissors,,,

Have also thrown down Sluggo 4 times this year..

I sure hope this knocks them back sufficiently for next year...


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You have got guts J !!! Probably all over your hands or did you wear gloves on your slug hunts? It makes my flesh crawl to think that you counted your victims. lol I bet your hostas looked great though. Not much of a problem down here this year with the slimy things

Thought I would see what's happening on the forum and your post was right up front.

It's almost time to put everything to bed for the winter. No frost here yet and I wish it would so I could get fall cleanup done.Take care friend.


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hi connie

all I have ever done before was tossed around Sluggo ,,,,and never go out at night to look....lol

hostas were disappearing before my eyes,,,so this year I investigated the garden after dark....some hostas had 20+ slugs having their merry way with my hostas....

sooo,,,,I declared war on them....it's MORE FUN than trying to get rid of nematodes....that's for sure...

and I HAVEN"T touched any of them yet....although my brother-in-law said he would like some for bait when he goes fishing...ewwww...


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zkathy(7a NC)

Since there's no hand to slime contact going on, what caliber ammo are you using in your slug war?

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worst year for slugs in decades - on the brighter side I didn't have to water hardly ever


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lol,...hh...a lot less watering here also...

Kathy...I just use a small squirt bottle...I bend right down so I can look them in the eye,,,,and whammo....couple of squirts...

I use a mix of either ammonia or vinegar to 80-85% water,,,,

I know, ken,,,,,that is overkill but I don't want to try to kill them twice....I sleep better this way...


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