Fire Island has another scape emerging NOW?!

Brandys_garden(6)October 11, 2013

I noticed the other day that Fire Island seems to have another scape emerging. I wasn't sure, now I am pretty sure... Has anyone else ever seen a hosta scape this late in the season?

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My Kiwi Full Monty has sent up a new scape just in the last week or so. Maybe not coincidentally, KFM put on a lavish second flush of leaves just before that? Dunno but I was surprised to see the late scape since it had already bloomed earlier in the season.

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I was out cutting seed scapes to put in sugar water ahead of the freeze predicted for next week and noticed that KFM is sending up a second flower scape. It had only one scape earlier in summer & now has two!

After thinking about it, I remembered reading that some hostas will rebloom. I think Moccasin mentioned that some of hers did.

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

The Razor's Edge bloomed twice for me this year.

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Just in from my morning hosta walkabout & Sagae sent up a flower scape overnight. I don't recall Sagae having bloomed earlier in the summer.

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As an aside, I'm stillll waiting for either of my two plantagineas, my one Aphrodite and Adorable to send up a flower scape. The plantagineas & Aphrodite were all moved last summer to a location in the veggie garden where they all get quite a lot of sun. I think they no-like life in central Wisconsin.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hosta are not stable...

meaning. in this case.. the do weird things,...

my only thought.. is that it is wasting energy it stored for next spring..

and my other ONLY thought is... maybe too much fert got it out of phase...

whatever.. its a hosta.. dont worry about it ...


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Ci-lantro, just send those babies south if they are unhappy. I will put them in my fragrant playground and send you some that are not happy down this way. :)

But, even here, the plantaginea bloomed late, with the blooms just end of September withering on the scape and one big fat seedpod to show for it. Two of the extended fragrant family, Bennie McRae and Mariachi, wound up being the last bloomers this year.....but I haven't looked for new scapes, so perhaps I should. Our average first frost is not until some time in November, but nothing has been normal for several years and I've forgotten what date that might be.

Did you get a cool snap and then warm back up? Who knows what triggers the urge to bloom......of course, I suppose you could really nip it in the bud and cut them off to avoid wasting the stored energy that will get them through your much colder winters.

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robo (z6a)

I had a bunch of guys rebloom just now in different fertilizer, but it's been a beautiful warm fall. I think it must be climate conditions in my case. My garden went through a second bloom flush last fall as least I have pretty flowers to look at up until November!

Stiletto showing off next to Autumn Joy sedum - Korean tassel fern in background.

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My Fire Island was blooming again until a few back to back hard frosts put the plant to sleep for the winter. The scape had several blooms that hadn't opened yet before it was frozen out.

The bed it's planted in is pretty rich, soil brought up from in front of the horse barn. The weather for the most part has been glorious.

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bragu_DSM 5

pearl lake keeps blooming for me if i remove the scapes after they bloom ... but most of us have heard that before ...


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one month ago, here on hillbilly ridge in z4 nw lower MI, here's what 'fire island' was doing,


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