Licuala grandis in PNW

winsorw(8)August 20, 2008


Does anyone grow Licual grandis indoor here in PNW? I'd welcome any advice.


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They're sort of persnickety about water (lots), humidity (lots), temps (warm). They also don't seem to thrive well in the dreariness of our winters. I've killed a couple of younger plants, and still have one hanging on. It's growing, but ever so slowly.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

I lost my young seedlings. Jeff is sure right on them being persnickity about water. No tolerance for drying out too much, but they resent poor drainage just as much.
Next time I try them I'm going to use almost a cactus mix with more frequent waterings & higher humidity & higher light in winter.

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Thank you both, seems like I'm going to deal with a problem child. Oh well. I'll try cactus mix.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

I would do *almost* a cactus mix. Maybe a litte richer, but still very sharp drainage, or a more typical tropical mix with lots & lots of extra perlite or pumice; and remember, you have to be a really consistent waterer to use that kind of quick-drying mix. :^)
- Tom

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Hi Tom,
Understood, thanks for making sure I will do the right thing.

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Would humidity only at night via a humidifier, direct sun most days and waterings everyday with a palm/cactus mix work? I would turn on the humidifier as often as I could besides using it from 8pm-8am in Oct-May. Do they like 70-73F indoors? What if the humidifier stops working and I cant get a new one? It'll die right? I want to put one in no sun, and one in full sun. Does anyone think this whole idea would work out? Btw I live in Minnesota so Im at a severe disadvantage.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Most of those persnickety jungle tropical plants thrive on consistency. Rollercoaster humidity levels don't sound too good to me, especially with this one. I'll bet you'll need to bring your house up to moldy-window levels to keep this one happy. One of the worst palms you (me too) could pick for indoors.
Consider a Chinese fan palm instead. If you have a single trunk per pot, and are a good waterer & fertilize regularly, with a little bright light and a big pot you can have some massive palm leaves indoors, with a slightly reduced humidity level. :)
- Tom

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