help choosing greenhouse veggies!

gartleyideasAugust 17, 2014

Hello everyone. I am about to purchase a 8x12' polycarbonate greenhouse and I am trying to figure out which veggies are best in a greenhouse in my region (coastal Vancouver Island). I don't want to run out of room realizing more need to grow in a greenhouse. It will be on a raised bed of about 8".

Definitely lots of tomatoes. We also want zucchini and cukes but i think both of those grow excellent outside (I will have raised beds). What about english cukes, will they grow in a greenhouse? Will grow some peppers but not tons.

Other veggies we really want: peas (regular and snow), beans, carrots, lettuce, radishes, turnip, spinach, squashes like butternut.

I think most of the above grow best in outdoor raised beds? What about squashes?

Fruit would be raspberries, strawberries, blueberries. Think these are all also outdoor raised beds.

Also, any veggie suggestions that do really well in a greenhouse?

Thanks tons! Can't wait to get it built, then a long wait till next year.

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The tomatoes and sweet peppers will benefit from a greenhouse, as would eggplant, okra, other hot climate stuff.

All the other vegetables you mention do fine outdoors; in a greenhouse they may mature or ripen faster.

Summer and winter squash take up a lot of space. There are some smaller zucchini varieties available. Cucumbers can be trained to a small or vertical area.
What kind of temperature control and air movement will your greenhouse have?

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I am planning on having 2 automatic roof vents that open/close depending on the temperature. I don't have power out there so I don't plan on running fan. There will be a door at 1 end.

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OK, just checking, as that is important. Fan is not critical.

Study up on pollination requirements; tomato blossoms need disturbance to set well, most squashes need insect visits, not sure about cukes.

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Basil is something that does well in my greenhouse, but not outside. Peppers also keep going far until January in a mostly unheated greenhouse.

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