runktrun(z7a MA)August 8, 2009

One of my gardening experiments this year was to grow potatoes in" fabric potato bins from Gardeners Supply" but of course part way into the growing season I heard about late blight. Like any good gardener I convinced myself that my potatoes would be the exception until the news letter from my CSA arrived informing me that the field they were growing a very large successful crop of potatoes in was a few blocks from my place and they suspected they may have blight. After I picked myself off the floor I continued to read that the potatoes would still be editable but their shelf life could be shortened and I should keep a close eye on them throughout the winter. Heck we will all probably be throwing potato parties come October! While researching the topic I came across a great article by by Valerie Sudol/For The Star-Ledger (I wonder if Carl reads her articles) that I thought was so informative and well written I wanted to share it with you. " Tomato gardens hurt by 'late blight" I would be interested to hear what you think of the article and how are your potatoes doing? What garden experiments did you try this year and how are they coming along?

Here is a photo of my fabric bin potato plants that are hiding on my patio safe and sound from the deer (I know who am I kidding but a girl can dream). As the plants continue to grow I have been adding straw with the hopes of more taters.

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I lost my tomatoes to Late Blight. My potatoes had it, but I kept trimming the brown leaves and stems. I then sprayed a fungicide to try and prevent it from spreading. That was 2 weeks ago. The potatoes actually seem to be doing better. They are growing new leaves. Right now all I have is new potatoes. I hope they grow full size.


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diggerdee zone 6 CT

That was a good article. Unfortunately, my tomatoes got late blight. I am devastated. Despite planting out little 3-inch-tall seedlings in LATE June while my DH laughed at them, my tomatoes are the most glorious tomato plants I have had in years.

Then last week I saw the signs on the leaves. I was hoping to remove the leaves and see what happened, but then I saw the signs on the stems too. Sigh. I'm not overly surprised, since two farms within a mile of me had to rip their plants out.

My potatoes, on the other hand, are growing in a cardboard box in the cellar - the box they were mailed to me in, lol!

I had forgotten about them completely, and when I brought a contractor downstairs regarding the basement renovation, I noticed these thin, white stems growing out of the box! I still haven't planted them and probably won't bother now.

My squash and zucchini are doing great, which figures, since I don't even like them!

I hope your potatoes are safe, Katy! Good luck!


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Yes, KT, I actually did read that article. . .but only because my CSA reprinted it
in one of their monthly newsletters !

So far, my own tomatoes seem to be doing well - but then, I get all my seedlings from a relatively small NJ grower. I started using this grower becuase
I found that seedlings from Lowes, HD and the giant nurseries were less than
robust. . .actually, I highly recommend this outfit if you're looking for tomato
varieties beyond what you can usually find commercially - this year, I had to
choose from nearly TWO HUNDRED varieties! Now that's tough. . . They also
offer hundreds of peppers, both hot and sweet, and every color of the rainbow. . .the link follows.

And, knock wood, my organic CSA seems to be holding up well: when I went
to pick-up my produce at the farm last Thursday, full memberships were offered 6 pounds of new potatoes and 10(!) pounds of tomatoes - a mix of
regular, cherry and heirlooms ! Let's hear it for CSAs !!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Cross Country Nurseries

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runktrun(z7a MA)

Great resource for peppers and tomatoes thanks for sharing. Heck who wouldn't love a tomato called Box Car Willie! I'll join you and say I LOVE MY CSA and what a great year its having...but nowhere near as great as 10lb's of tomatoes!!! Hey, if you can bring your camera this week and take some photos of your CSA and share with us the ins and outs of how its run and I'll try and do the same and perhaps others will as well.
I was wondering if the popular resurgence of Heirloom plants in many gardens throughout the country may be an aggravating factor in how wide spread the 19 fungal (bacterial and viral) out breaks are. Granted Heirlooms are wonderful and produce plants that grow fruits and veggies that actually have flavor, but growers for generations have worked hard to develop plants more resistant to fungal disease. The correlation of Heirlooms and Polio comes to mind, after vaccinating the population for generations we came close to eradicating the disease, and now due to a reasonably large numbers of parents choosing not to vaccinate we are seeing cases of Polio increase. Just a thought..

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runktrun(z7a MA)

Just finished reading another good article on Blight that supports my thoughts about Heirlooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: You Say Tomato, I Say Agricultural Disaster

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When I read that article yesterday, KT, I actually thought about including it in my response to you last night. . ."Great Minds, etc.". . .


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