Climber for a shady area?

PeachamomAugust 12, 2013

I have a blank wall on my house that faces my driveway, but since it is on the north side of my house, it's almost always shady. The area is not dark because it gets reflected light from the driveway. I would like to put a trellis there to dress up the wall, but almost everything I have looked at that would be suitable says it's for sun or sun/part shade. Does anyone know if there is a variety of clematis or honeysuckle that will tolerate shade?

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Unless there are wide overhangs, the north side of a structure is usually quite bright - the light is indirect rather than direct :-) There are a number of vines that could work for you - Clematis armandii, Arctic kiwi (Actinidia kolomitka), akebia, holboelia, and various climbing hydrangeas.

Keep in mind that most of these vines have the ability to get pretty darn big and that pruning is not always advised as it can limit flowering. If you have limited space, I'd look to the kiwi or the akebia first.

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Lonicera hipsidula (California honeysuckle) is a climbing shrub that will do well in shade. If this is a drier area or an area that you don't want to water regularly in the summer, Keckiella cordifolia (Heart-leaved penstemon) might be a good choice.

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Might I suggest Morning Glory? It does exceptionally well in my yard, no matter how much it is shaded by the pines, maples, and arborvitaes. (I am joking. Morning Glory is a miserable beast here. Notice its caps? In the PNW, it has earned the them. So, please don't plant any more of it. If you do decide to plant it though, you won't have to start from seed--I am sure your neighbors have plenty of starts they will gladly send your way. I bet that just one 2-inch root segment shoved into a Starbucks cup full of the worst dirt possible would probably still cover your entire wall in Morning Glory within one month....Actually, I like the honeysuckle idea.)

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Lily777 _8PNW(8PNW)

Would you consider evergreen climbing hydrangea?

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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