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wynswrld98(z7 WA)August 27, 2013

And how to get rid of it! I've dug soil out in areas where it exists to get rid of it but comes back, how do I get rid of this?? I live in a suburb of Tacoma WA, areas it is growing in are full sun.

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How is this liverwort affecting your other plants or garden?
Is it necessary to get rid of it?
Fascinating plant family..........

Here is a link that might be useful: liverworts

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Dig in some sand so the soil is not so damp and compacted on top. Same as with mosses and ferns, these need a film of water sitting on the soil (or rocks) to get started.

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wynswrld98(z7 WA)

It's covering the ground (which I had compost on to make the bedding planters look neat and tidy). It looks really ugly in my bedding planters and I DEFINITELY want to get rid of it. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

As I stated digging it out didn't work, it came back, so I need some other way.

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I get it in the compacted areas of my gravel driveway where there isn't enough to loose gravel on top especially near the edges.

What works after I remove it from pots is to add a mixture of chick grit from the feed store & sprinkling of lime. Succulents really like this mixture & I give them a but more lime.

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There is no product registered for homeowners for its removal in the US so you are left with only scraping it off if you want it gone. It does tend to congregate on damp, compacted and rich soils so the more you can do to reduce these factors, the less it will thrive. A good coarse mulch of wood chips or bark seems to keep it at bay.

Other than some dubious aesthetics, it is of no consequence to plants specifically or the garden in general.

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