asile(8)September 19, 2011

This summer in my vegetable garden I've noticed what I think has been an infestation of leafhoppers in various herb and vegetable plants in my potted plants and raised beds.

At first, I thought it was whitefly, which I've had minor problems with before--light colored little bugs fluttered out of certain plants when jostled. But on closer inspection, I saw that they were greenish-whitish leafhoppers.

Not thinking they were any harm, I didn't give them a second thought. But then beginning in July or so, I noticed my potted sage plant's leaves turning finely speckled and dying, and something similar to the leaves of my pole beans and then of my calendula as the summer progressed.

I read that leafhoppers can cause that kind of damage. They seem to be present on many of my veggie & herb plants but have caused problems only in a few.

Assuming leafhoppers are the problem, I'd like to find out what their life cycle is in these parts so that I can alter my garden environment to get better of them next year.

Any experience with them in the veggie garden, and any suggestions for organic control?


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Could be mites, especially on the beans & marigolds.

Any chance of pictures? Need the correct ID prior to suggesting management

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