Evergreen small trees/large shrubs good in pots?

Solorya(7a)March 12, 2014

I'm looking for something - maybe holly or thuja (not juniper...I loathe juniper) - to put in large containers at the corners of our yard. Due to all the piping and cables, we can't plant anything from the back wall to about 6' into our yard, so visually that area is bare and needs some "bones" during the winter months. One corner is partially shaded (get some late afternoon sun), the other is full sun. They don't need to match, and we're only going to be in this house for another 2-3 years so I'm looking for something economical and fast (I'd like it at least 4' tall).

Any suggestions?

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Ornamental grass could work for the full sun area except for the short time after you trim it back. There"s a pic of my ornamental grass posted on a recent thread..one of mine I think. I posted it for Tree.

Pots are problematic for me...I am never obsessive enough with the watering.

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