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plantbugOctober 10, 2012

October 2012 Retail Hosta Sale from Green Hill Farm

Hi again to everyone:

September proved to be a wet month here and October is starting out the same, wet, wet plants and less sunny days than normal. My hostas have decided that it is November and are heading to bed for the winter. I am surprised however at how much root growth we have had this year. This is a very good omen for great big hostas next spring. In celebration of this wonderful discovery, we are having our first "Double Root" Hosta Sale!!! It is a two for one sale. "Hosta Hosta".

Buy one of the following hostas at the regular price and we will ship you double the roots, twice the plants. We will even cut the foliage for you so they are ready to tuck into the ground right away. (They will also fit better in the box that way, these are large plants!!!) Order early, it is still not too late to plant these large hostas that will make great plants next spring.

Please be patient with our website, it is safe to visit and we have been assured it will be fixed days ago. I just love technology. Sorry for any inconvenience. Bob

Inline image 1

�Night Shift� two for $20!

October "Double Root" Sale "Hosta Hosta"

�Bailey�s Cream� two for $20

�Battle Star� two for $20

�Bumblebee� two for $20

�Cup of Grace� two for $20

�Doubled Up� two for $35

�Dragon�s Eye� two for $15

Inline image 2

�Emerald Charger� two for $25

�Final Summation� two for $25

�Frost Giant� two for $20

Inline image 3

�Ginsu Knife� two for $20

�Grape Fizz� two for $25

�King of Spades� two for $15

�Nate the Great� two for $20

�Night Shift� two for $20

Inline image 4

�Orange Marmalade� PP#16,742 two for $20

�Spring Shower� two for $20

�Sugar Snap� two for $30

�Summer Squall� two for $20

�Thunder Boomer� two for $20

Inline image 5

�Winter Snow� two for $20

Please ask about the availability of our other hostas on the website.

Questions? Call Bob or Nancy @ 919-309-0649

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