windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)March 27, 2013

I'm going to plant some Asparagus this spring. I think I've found a good source in Simmons Plant Farm. They have three varieties - Mary Washington, Jersey Giant, and a F2 hybrid of UC157. Can anyone recommend which I should pick for growing in western OK? I have good soil in an old garden bed but it gets awful hot and dry out here.


....waves to okiedawn.... :)

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I'm not in Western Ok, but I have grown Mary Washington and UC 157. The latter did better for us, both producing more and lasting longer. That is, the UC157 were longer lasting plants for us. I never water asparagus during the summer, just keep a thick mulch on it, but out there you will probably have to water and mulch.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Windsurf Girl:

I can't believe it's you!!!! Hi! I am waving right back!

I agree with Dorothy that UC 157 is top notch. I hope the F2 is as good as the F1, which is the only way I've grown it. I like Jersey Giant too. Although I love heirloom open-pollinated varieties of veggies in general, these newer hybrids are such good producers and are so resilient (which you need even more than the rest of us due to your more westerly location) that I'd always choose UC 157 or Jersey Giant or any other of the Jersey hybrids over Mary Washington.

I also grow Purple Passion which is a really beautiful asparagus and it does taste good. I don't think it is as strong and resilient as the Jersey hybrids though.


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You have chosen a great company to buy from and the asparagus that I bought from them was huge.

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I don't remember the name of the variety I planted, so I don't have much to contribute here. But as an aside, I harvested 4 short spears from my patch a couple of days ago before the freezing weather. Earlier today I noticed I have about that many showing now. So, those of you more in the southern portion of the state might want to check your asparagus. There may be some good eating out there.

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

Thanks for the replies. Like Dawn I usually go for the heirloom open-pollinated varieties of veggies but I think I'm going to try the UC 157.

This drought has really been depressing for me. The asparagus is the only thing I'm planting this year, other than a few tomatoes in pots.

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I just ordered some of the f2 hybrid from simmons farms in mountainburg. How did you prepare your space for the asparagus? Is mushroom mulch good for it? What else?I live in Fort Smith, western Arkansas.

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Asparagus needs to be planted in well-drained soil well-enriched soils as it can live for over 30 years. I would think the mushroom compost would be very good for it. It is also important to keep a thick mulch on it to deter weeds. And if you have acid soils, a bit of woodash or agricultural lime is beneficial. Asparagus does best in alkaline soils.

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