Growing Onions

seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)September 5, 2013

Anybody in and around Seattle or in NW Oregon , say @ Portland area or further north is or has been growing onion?

I have grown some onions in flat and potted already. Not in the ground yet. They are doing fine . Now they are trying to perk up and straighten up. My plan is to plant them mostly for green onions for use during the fall, early winter(?).

I want to know: WILL THEY OVER WINTER, like garlic around here ? If the do then the following season should grow bulbs(?)

Thanks in advance.

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Depends on the onion type. Hard onions - the onions that dry well and store for a long time (short or intermediate day onions) - can be grown over winter. Often they are started by sets sold at the same time as other fall planted bulbs.

Sweeter flavored, "soft" or long day onions - like Walla Walla sweets, Maui sweet onions, Vidalia or Bermuda onions - should be planted in spring for a fall harvest. They grow fast and do not store. They will rot in the ground in winter.

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