Garden Hoses

jardinistaAugust 18, 2014

Hey All-what's everyone's feeling about their garden hoses?? I HATE mine. "Neva-Kink" --right... Anyway--any body got a good hose? How about those expandables? My neighbor bought a cheapie and it burst within 1 week. Read some reviews of a Rumford brand that sounded decent. And the "Flexzilla" touted by P.Allen Smith?? Also I read about a brand I think called "Drum".
Anybody love their hose???

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Flexogen by Gilmour. Will not kink. Actually can be rewound. The only drawback is that it is heavy. But my experience is the lightweight ones aren't as good.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flexogen

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spedigrees z4VT

I bought a 25 foot version of this hose this past spring, and I love it! It's lightweight and has sturdy metal connector ends. It hasn't leaked or malfunctioned in any way. I have it on a crank-handled roll up box. It never kinks. Also the purple color was a big plus for me, but it also comes in a drab dark green/brown earthy color. I've been very aggravated with previous hoses, but have been delighted with this one.

Water right ultra light garden hose

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Hoses are a necessary evil.
I was just reading reviews on hoses and the winner was Sears Craftsman black rubber hose. I have one; it has not kinked but it is heavy. Best thing is its lifetime guarantee; something goes wrong, bring it back to sears- even without receipt- and they'll replace it.

This hose stays in one place so weight is not such an issue. If I had to drag it around, it would be an issue.
I like black because it doesn't show against the soil. The appeal of funny colors eludes me.
Some users complained that after being outside a few seasons, the hose left some black on their hands. Others said that complaint was baloney.

I think different uses call for different hoses. I just know for sure that cheap is not the way to go on hoses and that any hose might kink. Never say "neva"

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gmatx zone 6

Swan brand is also a good hose. As Steve said, Flexogen is a very good hose. One of the most important things you can do to make your hose last longer is to keep it out of the sun when you are not watering with it. UV rays will break down the external material which will cause hose failure soon thereafter.

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spedigrees z4VT

I hadn't thought of it before, gmatx, but one of the advantages of keeping a garden hose in a roll-up box like the one pictured, is that sunlight doesn't have the opportunity to damage it. Bringing the hose into a heated garage for the winter also protects it from extreme cold, but I suspect, as you said, that UV rays probably do the most damage.

These boxes make both rolling up a garden hose, and unfurling it, a piece of cake. The first box I had lasted about 10 years, and its successor is on its 5th year.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

jardinista there are a few good threads on hoses here (or maybe on the perennial forum also) from the past few years that may be of help to you.

Like Marie, I have the black Craftsman hoses. They have their pros and cons, but despite the cons IMO it's the best hose I've ever used. I have one outside water source, and of course it's at the farthest point from my gardens! I have three 50-foot hoses connected.

The cons: these suckers are HEAVY. I usually try to drag it to the general area needed, THEN turn on the water. It makes it a tad lighter to move when it's not full of water, even though I have to walk back and forth a few times. The other con, which is a mild annoyance, is that it can indeed leave your hands black. It doesn't happen every time, and I haven't paid enough attention to figure out WHY it does it when it does, but I figure I get dirty outside anyway so a little black on the hands isn't that big a deal.

The pros: these hoses are tough. They lasted for five years so far and no sign of wear. And they don't kink. Yay! When you are dragging 150 feet of hose nothing is more annoying than kinking.... Okay, maybe the hose constantly getting caught on things or knocking down half your garden is more annoying, but that's really more of a "dragging" issue and not the hose itself (although since this one is so heavy, it does do more damage if you drag it over a bed!)

Being the lazy gardener that I am, I pretty much leave the hose all pulled out most of the summer: they're too big and heavy to coil up - and then drag out - every time I use them. DH just kicks it out of the way when he mows the lawn.

For what it's worth, I find that those hose reels are helpful, but I have to disagree with speds a bit - I wouldn't call the process a piece of cake. Granted, the one at my friend's probably has 25 feet too much of hose, so we keep the end coiled on the ground in front of it, but it seem to really only work well if you have the hose straight out in front when you turn the handle. Otherwise it does not roll up "just so" and doesn't cooperate fully.


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spedigrees z4VT

It sounds like most of the problems described on this thread are due to heavy weight hoses. I really would recommend giving the lightweight hose I posted a try. It truly does wind and unwind on the reel with a minimum of problems, as have all the other light weight "cheapie" hoses I've owned in the past. (Although this new hose is even lighter than all my former garden hoses.)

The trouble with the former "cheapie" hoses was that they all kinked, but this one has *never* done so during a summer of continuous use. Nothing is more frustrating than bathing a dog or horse with a kinking hose, since this activity leaves only one hand to deal with the hose!

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singleton165(z5 NH Seacoast)

I've had black Craftsman hoses for over 20 years and they're still going strong (and occasionally leaving black on my hands when I coil them). I've even gotten lazy and left them out for the last couple of winters. I sure hope they still make them this well.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I recently got a 50 collapsible . cheaper variety . So far it's fantastic The entire thing weighs less than two pounds when empty. Best of all I can drag it accross beds with no damage . I have an underground with quick connects so no longer need to keep hoses attached and so far does not kink. have to wait and see how long it lasts
Does seem to interfere with the wind up timer and I can't figure out why lol gary

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Well,it's good to know I'm not the only one who has one water source gardens that are ways away. Thanks for all the suggestions. It sounds like the Craftsmans are built to last. Just don't know if I can lug 150' of hose around-leaving it out would not be and option. I have one of those box hose reels and it takes a little elbow grease to get the lightweight hose I've had around it!
I like what I've read about the Water Right ultralight -- so I might try that
Thanks for the input! Jardinista

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roxanna(z5b MA)

here's another vote for the Water Right ultralight hose. I am just under 5 ft tall and 68yo, so this year I treated myself to this hose and am beyond happy. It is a delight to use, weighing nearly nothing compared to other hoses, does not kink at all and tho it is new this year, I think it will last well, And I love the purple color!

unlike many, I actually love hand-watering, but the weight of the old hoses was just too much. Dragging them from front yard to back to service my 26 garden beds had become a horrible pain, literally. As I get older and shrink in height, I am going to love this lightweight baby! Am so glad I finally got it (and should have done it sooner).

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Another point of view here.

I bought one of those reel boxes and took it back the next day. It is more trouble than putting it on a hanger on the house. I had to straighten the hose before it would pull in to the box or be continuously yanking it around to reel it in.

As far as hose being left out I bought a rubber hose 15 or 20 years ago and have left it out year round and it is still good. You have to make sure you unhook it from the faucet or it can cause pipes to break during a very hard freeze.

I also leave my bird bath out and the key to keeping it from cracking is to put it on a patio block that way it can't absorb the moisture from the ground then freeze in the winter. I had one cracked bb before I learned that.

The thing I tell people who work in my yard "do not drink out of the hose, they can cause cancer". I didn't believe until I checked new hoses and it warns you on the packaging. The only hose that you can drink from is a hose meant for hot water.

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roxanna(z5b MA)

the Water Right hose is also drinking-water safe....

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Very helpful comments.

Does anybody know if The Water Right is available at the retail level?

I bought a NeverKink this season and I was dismayed that my watering can fills with a frothy foam, not the usual bubbly water foam, this foam has a worrisome substance to it. I switched it out for my old red rubber hose for the vegetable garden and now use it only for front yard watering chores, but still after four months of use the foam from the NeverKink hasn't ceased.


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Susan, I googled 'water right ultralight hose' and then went to the mfgr's web site. Using their 'summer' discount code, I ordered 3 25 footers, in black, for $23.97 each.

Amazon has them too, and apparently so does Sears, at least on their web site - not sure if they're in the stores.

Two of the garden sites I like (A Way to Garden, Garden Rants) all have articles about this hose, so I can't wait to try it.

Like EmmaR, I also leave old hoses out all year - a poor man's irrigation system, or at least a way to get water to the back of the yard, by running long hoses around the perimeter, along the fences. It would be great to have short, light weight hoses to hook up to the far ends of those, that's why I went with 3 short ones. Also, the long ones are only available in bright colors at this time, as far as I could see (I was in a rush, since it's a work day for me).

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Right summer sale

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spedigrees z4VT

Thanks for posting the manufacturer's link, Diggingthedirt. I had no idea these hoses came in such a rainbow of colors! It seems there is a color to suit everyone's taste!

Amazon had only the purple and the dark greenish-brownish color when I visited there, but I think they had both in longer lengths. Probably availability varies according to their supply at any given time.

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Thank you too. My garden pal and I water at our church which has only two working spigots for a very large property, so we know hauling hose, lots of very heavy lengths! I'll make use of the summer sale link.
And sped, I'm new to posting but I follow your lovely and informative posts, and the colour range would certainly suit your gardens.
Actually, I follow all the NE posters with admiration and just a touch of seasonal envy ;))


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I've had the Water Right 100' brown large volume hose for this past season. It's OK. I did have the male connector to the hose pull out of the hose itself this past month (less than one season of use) and I bought a repair kit and repaired it.

It does resist kinking, but does not prevent it. It is much lighter in weight and the flow is enough for me to use a hand watering wand. But even with the light weight I don't like it as much as the Flexogen, which I also have. The Flexogen is much less likely to kink and it winds up easier for me.

Just my .02


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I wanted to add that I also tried one of those 'pocket hoses' that are between 10 and 20 bucks at the discount stores - they're sort of elastic, and more or less collapse when empty.

I'd have said I loved it, if asked during the first month or so, but then it sprung a leak ... not a tiny one, either! Once the lining is compromised, the whole thing has to be thrown out.

If you have one of these, never leave the water on when you don't have the end of the hose in your hand - if I'd been using it with a sprinkler or something like that, I'd have had a really big flood in no time.

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Hi Everyone--thanks for your input re: hoses. I love to hear about, and picture, everyone in their garden and sharing their experiences. So,it seems like a fair amount of pros for the WaterRight.The shrinkables get a little love too,as long as you know it's a fling,not a long term affair! OK,gotta pull the trigger and get some hoses out there.

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