Psychopsis Kalihi Big

bulldogges(6/7 - Southeastern PA)February 21, 2008

Hi all, a few months ago I got this psychopsis, but the bud broke off in shipping, after getting concerned due to a lack of visible growth i came here where i was reassured and advised on how to get it to bloom.

So now that it has bloomed, I thought I'd share.


Image link:

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Ahhh, it's beautiful. I love psychopsis. How tall is the bloom? My papilio is getting a nice size bud, so I should have a bloom before toooo long.

Sheila :)

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bulldogges(6/7 - Southeastern PA)

It's 6 inches from the tip of the "antenna" to the bottom of the "body" (skirt?) and alittle over four inches from arm to arm.

I definitely think its worth the wait - talk about an attention grabber!!!

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sdahl(Near Yosemite)


By the way, if the end of a spike should break off, don't cut the stem all the way off. These usually will sprout new spike offshoots from the main spike (sometimes while the mains shoot is still blooming away).


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Love it! Yes, these guys will continue blooming from the same spike for years.


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It's only going to get better with time. Mines been blooming the same spike for two years now and has added 2 more spikes over the same period. Nice to have one orchids that is always in bloom.

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