Catasetum Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches'AM/AOS

scott361(7)February 20, 2008

My only Catasetum.

This is the one that the third bloom was knocked off.

I almost waited too long for photos, as they're a little past prime!

I was, also, rushed for time and the photos are quickies! ;~)

I was very impressed at how large they were.

I had no idea!

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How cool! what type of conditions do these grow in? I've never seen this type of orchid before.

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paul_(z5 MI)

very nice!

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I'm probably the last one that should give advice on these!;~)
Many people here have large collections of them and should be the ones with advice!
I've just been lucky with it!;~)

This one is treated just like the majority of my orchids.
Semi-hydro(sits in water, yet allowed to go dry frequently), but this is also grown cooler and sits over by the window (poorly insulated and drafty!)with my Pleurothallids.
Not sure if it's supposed to, but that's where I found the room for it.
It never really has gone dormant and has kept the leaves for sometime.
That was fine with me, as my other few that lost leaves just kept on going down hill.


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sdahl(Near Yosemite)

Kinda like spotted toads? I love the catasetum flowers!


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Cool flowers. I think the genera itself is very cool. I just can't grow them!

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