Alphabet Guy Where Are You?

ilovetogrow z9 Jax FloridaOctober 4, 2012

Last year about this time we played a alphabetized hosta roll call. Lots of great photos and info. I forget who was the Master of Ceremonies was for this wonderful idea but I got the idea it was his and his to do. Can we play again? Thank you, Paula

I added the photo of LS Shore Master just for fun. I like photos in posts.

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I'm with you Paula. I think it's Paul we're looking for. Paul, are you out there? By the way, that's a great Lakeside Shore Master.


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Indeed it is a great hosta of any description!
And the pot looks familiar, Paula. WalMart ran out but I think I have enough containers to finish the last 21 plants from Wade Gatton.

Hope Paul is around later. I think the Winter Hosta alphabet begins after winter dormancy sets in. I lost my "Y" (H. yingeri) but squeaking by with Yellow Splash Rim. whew.....

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

actually.. i thought it was usually an after the xmas holiday thingee ...

the forum usually goes near dead between thxgvng and xmas ...

and comes back to life with the snow flying alphabet posts ...

right now.. in the great white north.. we are watching our hosta turn orange.. and in my case.. extremely happy to not hear the water running 18 hours a day .. and not having to worry about them ... i need a break from the garden ....


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Gesila(MI Z5)

I'm wondering how the alphabet post will go this year, so many of my hostas weren't picture worthy this year.


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I'm with you ken! I also believe it was in January. One of my Norway Maples is now turning golden. Last year it was fairly red. The trees along the river have begun changing quickly. And with several nights in the upper 30's some of my hostas are fading fast.

It's time to make sure they are all clearly marked for spring so I don't tromp them. Also, so when they break dormancy I know where to dig the ones I plan to move before unfurling.

When the snow begins to fly, and I hope it does this year*, I will be working on organizing my photo files so when the alphabet starts I can find what I want more easily.

*After the drought the last thing I want is wind dessicated frozen soil all winter long in my hosta beds.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

Same here, I thought it was over Winter when nothing else is going on and it gives people time to view all the Hosta and plan what they are going to order in Spring.
I noticed we aren't seeing Paul as often or some of the others that always posted a lot.

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I was noticing the same thing.

Each one is dearly missed. We'll save your place until you return.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

We did both a summer and winter one last year as I remember taking photos to post during the summer. I too have noticed that there are missing members. I hope all is well.

Myrle thank you for the compliment. I feel it an honor coming from you.

Barbara I am a Walmart pot shopper. I wish they would bring the light blue one back. I hoard pots to the point of looking like a small nursery. I am sick of rain.

Gesila I have seen photos of your hostas and they are lovely. I was wondering if the basil exploded again this year?

Ken and Les always good to hear from you both. I too am glad to wind down for the winter. I have been working on photos getting ready to post. LOL I think it was Paul who turned me on to Adobe Elements 10.

Well I am going to slip in another photo and others feel free to do so also. Cathederal Windows is a second year liner. Have a great grow day I am on vacation! Paula

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bernd ny zone5

It might be the time now to start this, because there is snow and it is after Xmas.

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

We might be getting our first measureable snow this morning. It sure is lovely looking-almost is covering grass with big fluffy flakes; but not quite. Just like the rest of the year, so far the water has beein either North or South-but not here. :(

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I'm still around. Whomever is ready to do the alphabet - go for it. I started it last winter in early February when it got slow here on the forum and cabin fever seems to be strong in the snowy north. By early March, southern areas will have hostas sprouting and pics to share.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to last year's Alphabet

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Yo, Paul!
It's hard to realize that the alphabet started that far into the winter. Sure did enjoy it.

You are right that we will have hosta emerging or unfurling leaves in early March. I recently checked my photo files, and I had a lot of hosta making a show then. For artistic purposes, having the date on the photo is not pretty, but it sure helps my memory.

Just for the heck of it, I put in a shot from March 2012. It was taken on March 7, 2012.

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

Paul-we loved it! If you aren't going to do it this year would you, or anyone else mind if I start? If not give me a couple of days to invade Les's pics and I will assault Alphabet 'A'. Trust me, the photos I will begin with will not be as good as Paul's.
Glad to hear from you, hon! I had been concerned. The work you did on the most favorite hostas was oustanding, and not lost on Les and I.
I am going to start another post asking if anyone wants me to take on this responsibility: right now. If not and someone else is preferred, my feelings won't be hurt. I am land depraved! Maybe moc and I can collaborate!
Hope t hear from you there. Moc, drop me an email.
Or I will happily support someone else who wants to administrate the 'Alphabetic List' this year.
I love this forum! 'T' :)

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Hmmm, Theresa, I am here, but I think you can deal with it perfectly fine. You post the letter, and I do not think there will be a scarcity of responses.

Hopefully, all the selecting I did this whole growing season will have a complete alphabet. I do so like to make a complete collection! :)

Please note, folks who are naming new hosta: consider a less-used letter of the alphabet besides S, B, or A? Thank you very much.......... :)

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Ludi _PA_7a

Goodness Ladies !!! Quite the enthusiasm to start up the alphabet :p

I can't lie ... I am pretty excited too ... this will be my first year to be able to contribute and truth be told it is probably one of the neatest things this forum does :)

It doesn't matter to me who starts it or when just so long as we have it before Mocc's green and yellows wake up :p

You'll see Elegans before I do next year Mocc ... must say ... kinda jealous :P


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Ludi, never fear, my Elegans will be a mere baby in it's first year pipping from the container medium. Your Elegans are going to be so happy for the long-awaited attention you've given them, I bet they will have an amazing rate of growth.

Please keep a series of photos of them as they come alive.

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