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ponderpaul(7a)March 7, 2013

Of course, we all want our veggies to produce abundantly. Question; What have you done (that was really interesting/enjoyable) just because it is something new or interesting? Having the run of a sizable nursery operation, I experiment with a lot of things, makes gardening really fun!

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pam_chesbay(VA 8a/7b)

I'm doing several experiments.

I love artichokes, always wanted to grow them, thought they wouldn't grow in my climate. After reading posts in this forum, I decided to try it. I'm pre-sprouting artichoke seeds now, have a bed set aside for the transplants. I hope they sprout soon because they need several very cool days to set buds.

I'm also growing fava beans for the first time. I planned to plant seed in late fall but didn't (same old story) - favas need to grow in cool weather. I soaked the seeds of two varieties for 24 hrs, put the seeds in damp paper towels in ziplocs, and put ziplocs in the fridge. Our soil is saturated so I'm trying to buy time until it dries out a bit.

I'm looking forward to your experiments!

Pam from Virginia

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I love all things tropical. Im always growing citrus, banana, plumeria, etc. So I am always looking for something to try and grow here. So far the easiest to do but also the most disappointing has been pineapple. The tops root amazingly easy they look awesome but I have been waiting 2 years for one to fruit. Ive read you can force them but i havent tried yet. Im sure the fact that I have to overwinter is the reason for slow fruiting but the sheer amount of room they take up in the greenhouse is becoming reason to not try anymore.

Not sure if that is interesting or enjoyable but for sure one thing I may cross of the list of things to try.


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