Changed and Unchanged

mctavish6October 9, 2013

I haven't posted for a while but I have checked here sometimes. I've specially enjoyed the threads on color changes and which of your plants are still looking good. I know some of you don't like to look at the garden as its going downhill. This is one of my favorite times for taking pictures because of the color and the light. I over look the damage and see the color and also appreciate those that hold on so well. I hope someday someone will breed for the orange color that we have right now on many of the Fortunei's in particular.

I took some pictures yesterday. Here are some of them.

This alternates from a changed plant to an unchanged one. I think it's interesting that so many still perfect are the green and white ones. I wonder why that is?

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Maine Coons rock! Bijou (my MC) sez hi to Bo.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Mctavish- Oh, my, how I love to look at your Fall photos. You have put a beautiful new spin on the way I see hostas as they go dormant. Mine don't do that so uniformly, just a few leaves on each one, but now I look at those leaves in a different way (and I'm not so quick to cut them off!).


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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Pretty fall photos. I enjoyed seeing them and especially liked Olive Bailey Langdon. Just got one this year. I know what you mean about the green and white ones hanging on. I am amazed at my First Frost and how great it looks.

I am looking forward to see if I get some nice hosta fall colors. So far the fall coloring as been minimal---a few leaves here and there.

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Great pics. It's funny, because my 'Dress Blues' has gone almost completely dormant, while my 'Olive Bailey Langdon' still looks quite awake. Thanks for sharing your pics, McTavish. My cat is still unchanged, too. : )

Don B.

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Myrle, by alternating you keep the eye fresh, and I think it emphasizes the pictures as individuals. Good plan, lady.

Of course, I saw your new uploads on Flickr but your text here is educational. Always look forward to seeing your pictures.

None of mine are coloring up yet, although we had a couple of cool nights and mild days.

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