More Fall pictures

mctavish6October 9, 2013

Here are a few more. Some pictures show a perfect one like Dress Blues or Incoming surrounded by those fading quickly. There are also several that are in the middle of their transformation. Some seem to change from the edge of the leaf in and some fade gradually all over. No wonder we love these plants!

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

You are lucky to have such great fall color. When mine go they just keel over. Great shots. Thank you Paula

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Your hostas are all looking so great this time of year, I'm jealous! Mine are so sad and ratty and bug-eaten, really pitiful. There's not a pretty one in the bunch. Glad you get to enjoy yours a while longer. Your pictures are beautiful.

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Funny thing,Myrle;your hostas look better than mine,and I am in a higher zone! My Dress blues is a mess already,as are most of my hostas,and some of them are already disappeared. Nice pics! Phil

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Lakeside Prophecy sure is an interesting plant. I love the colors of your Brother Stefan. I hope my BS will look like yours when it begins to change color. Thanks for sharing your pics!

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garden_crazy(z5 N IL)

If I had your view, I would never get a darn thing done!
Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks folks. Those of you in the south have such different conditions and a much earlier spring. Your plants are probably just tired.

I think the weather brings out the color. A slow, bright fall seems to be the best from what I remember. I do have some that have flopped and look awful but don't usually take pictures of them.

As far as the view - I'm very thankful for it and I do have trouble getting anything done!

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after 2 days of canning pears this was really relaxing to look at thank you


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