Dog went on a rampage

bkay2000(8a TX)October 1, 2012

I got a new dog a couple of months ago. She's a wild child to say the least. She was a rescue and was supposed to be a shepherd mix. She's a hound. It's obvious why she was at the SPCA.

Anyway, a week ago, Sunday, she went on a new rampage. She took hosta out of the pots and shook them, chewed them and generally destroyed them.

Some I just threw away, like X-Rated and Radiant Edger. Others, like Lakeside Paisley Print probably should have been put out of it's misery. It's hard to throw away a $22.00 tissue culture, even if I can't see any dormant buds.

The question is what can I expect of the ones that survive? Can I do anything to help them? On average, I have about 6 weeks to the first killing frost. Most of our cold is after Christmas, usually.

Queen of the Sea is new this year. It's putting out buds.

This could be Paul's Glory. It's new this year. It has two fat buds

This is Dream Queen or Minute Man. Both new this year. I didn't see any dormant buds

I have quite a few pieces of Blue Mouse Ears and Blue Cadet, but can't tell which is which.

Any good advice (and killing the dog won't help)


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Babka NorCal 9b

Oh, Bkay, I'm so sorry to hear that. You have nothing to lose by potting up whatever pieces you can find, then waiting until Spring to see what's left. There are dormant buds under the base of those leaves, but don't peel them off now to reduce the shock to the plant.

Hey, if they can make whole plants out of teeny-weeny, itty bitty tissue cultures, you might just be able to pull off some amazing feats yourself with all that crown material. Make sure to write down the names of the ones that are damaged, and come spring, it will be easier to ID the leaves from that list, rather than from all of hostadom. Never give up on a hosta...if there is just the smallest piece of crown and one root the odds are very much in your favor.

Spring will be exciting at your house, watching for signs of life.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

She is a cutie! I have two rescued galloping gardeners . The mother is part border collie, but there must be some terrier, too. She catches squirrels and digs up the gardens to get at the chipmunks. After six years, I decided to try to replant a few spots. Thinking maybe they have calmed down enough, so the yard can stop looking like a dog park, I replanted around the patio and above the wall behind the garage. So, now, many of my hosta look like yours. :(

No words of wisdom, I'm afraid. Just be sure your little guy is getting enough exercise. My husband did stop the digging at the wall by putting holly branches there, but that won't work forever and won't work with containers very well.

I am so sorry that this happened, but the joy of having a pup far outweighs the damage mine do. Of course, that doesn't stop me from making terrible threats against her. She obviously knows those are empty threats! ;)

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Sorry about the hostas but she is ridiculously cute:)

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I think she stole those ears from a bunny.


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Steve - ROFLMAO!! She would look darling in an Easter bunny costume for Halloween!

I suppose she could go back to the shelter...but then I'm not very tolerant of pets that are a royal PITA. However, I realize I'm in the minority.


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Oh my! I feel for your loss but winter will let her grow out of this puppy energy and once she has her own toys she will realize they are her toys and hosta are yours . Soon as the frost come winter and then spring with new hope. What is her name? Should maybe be " wild thing" or possibly " Rampage" Sorry but a pup is a pup and girls just want to have fun!! She is cute

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BKay, after such a hard growing season, to have this as the grand finale, well.....I really feel for you.

My little dachshund discovered that she was meant to dig after 6 years of not making even a scratch in the dirt. I'm glad she hasn't gone into the containers or flower beds!

What you show remind me of the way the yard of my best friend looked when her chocolate lab was growing an exploded mine field! She wound up giving Java all the big 2 liter bottles to haul around the yard, because they crunched and crackled, and floated too (kept the lids on) when she threw them in the river to retrieve. Looks like your young-un might be kept busy with a few empty big soda bottles too. Worth a try, right?

In our climate, some of your hosta may put out a wee bit of new growth before the dormant time arrives. It is surprising how much they can grow in just a month. Come next spring, they will all look new again.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Some I just threw away, like X-Rated and Radiant Edger. ...
The question is what can I expect of the ones that survive?

==>>> you really miss the meaning of they will grow on the driveway with little or no care ...

i simply dont understand why you gave up hope ...

in theory.. all she did was a rough form of TC.. crown/meristem division .. crown have millions of dormant buds ... whether you can see them or not ..

repot.. and find out what happens in spring .. keep us posted ...


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She looks like she knows she was bad...very bad. She does have a beautiful coat!

So sorry about the damage, but come spring I think you'll be almost as good as new. Hang in there.

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I was going to suggest you teach the dog to dig where you want a new hosta bed, saving you the back breaking work. Tried that with mine, but she wouldn't buy into the idea. Then I remembered your a pot-head hostaholic bkay. LOL

It fascinates me how I laugh at my own jokes LOL. I NEVER laugh at my own jokes in real time.

Your puppy is going to grow into her ears and hopefully out of the unpotting stage. I had a stepson who took ownership of a stray long-haired Dachsie. D----- dog dug up hostas faster than I could plant them. Kept me in shape though. I had to chase the dog all around our acre of land to get my hostas back. See-time heels all pain.


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Looking at those pics,they look fine to me,to survive. Some of mine look like that now,even with no marauding animals! Hostas are more resilient than you think. I once had a Tokudama FC that was attacked by voles years ago,and all it had was one leaf and a tiny root. I still have it and that's been ten years ago. Phil

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Is there any reason NOT to give them a dose of root stimulator? All had their roots mangled.

I chunked the x-rated as I was tired of watching it set there and do nothing. I don't think it has put on a leaf since I got it late last summer. I'm not sure what the problem was, as it has done really well at the Arboretum. It's in the ground there, though. Radiant Edger has been a bust for me, too. Both are minis/small, which the squirrels love to dig up. RE has been insect and disease prone, in addition to be squirrel bait. It was 4 years old and still no more than 5" across and I think, 2 eyes.

Cleo has been a terror. She has every toy in the world - for a day. She destroys them, too. A guy who works for me made the remark that she has a $10.00 a day toy habit. I think I'm going to have to take her to the regular dog training place. We think she's a Pharoah hound mix. They say they don't respond well to punitive training, so I've been reluctant to take her to the regular dog training.
Shephards/shephard mixes are so easy to train. She's not. She will be my last rescue. I will go back to purebred shephards after this. I prefer a predictable temperament in a dog.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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bkay2000(8a TX)


She's also discovered that there are sticks under some of the pots and they are great chew toys. So she knocked over the pots to get to the sticks.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Time to call The Dog Whisperer!!!!!


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bkay, heartily recommend just replanting the ones that are left as though they weren't disasters.
I'd bet money most will be just fine come spring. Been there, done that.
Clicker trainer for that darling demon doglet? Those methods are positive vs punitive & I've seen some quick miracles performed by love.
I think love will save your hostas too. 6 weeks is plenty.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Thanks hostarina, I wrote a note to a lady who does clicker training who lives around the corner. I've visited briefly with her while walking the dogs. Don't know her name, so have to leave a note on the door.

All hosta are potted and put in isolation, so Cleo can't get to them again. I've removed all Babka's sticks. She seems to go back to the same plant over and over, which requires the isolation of those she's purloined before.

Hopefully, she'll grow out of this. I don't know though, as a Pharoah Hound is a hunting dog and we don't have much to hunt on a 50X100 ft. city lot and on the end of an 8' leash.

Thanks again,


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Babka NorCal 9b

If you just give her the sticks will she stop attacking the hostas? ARgh! I feel somehow responsible...


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Hi, bkay

I totally understand about the dog, who is a super cutie!

I won't go into my story about my dog. Let's just say that when we leave him in the yard by himself for about 30min he starts digging massive holes.

My only joy from this is the fact that he falls into them when he zooms around the yard. Don't worry. He doesn't hurt himself.

Anyhow, since Cleo is young and likes to chew, have you thought about stuffing Kong toys with treats? They resemble a beehive with holes at each end. I get the black XL and stuff it with peanut butter, carrots, and apples. In the summer, I use some kibbles and wet food and freeze the whole thing. But, cut down on the food by how much you stuff in the Kong. Sometimes, I just stick a hard biscuit in there.

How about bully sticks? Google it. I buy the 12 inch standard or thick bully sticks by the case each month. They are digestible unlike raw hide. I use only one a day.

As for the hosta, they are super resilient. I chop them up every year and give them away. I also tried to destroy them but they keep coming back!

Good luck with Chloe and the hostas!


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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Cleo is so cute! Pharaohs were bred to run things down, so she's probably built for speed and needs a lot of exercise. Maybe you can teach her to run by a bike. If you can find one, there's a dog toy that looks like a giant die (one dice) and has a hole to put food in. I think it's called a Buster Cube. If she likes food, she'll spend hours rolling the thing around until it gets to just the right angle and a piece of kibble drops out. And obedience would be great, too.

Sorry about the plants. Good thing hostas are almost indestructible.

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''She's a hound. It's obvious why she was at the SPCA.''
It is painful to look at poor hostas, and I share your pain, but I have to defend hound dogs here - I adopted pure bred coonhound from Humane Society 8 years ago, and he is a true four legged gentleman. He is 11.5 years old now, and all these years has been nothing but pleasure, never destroyed anything in the house (never lived in the house before I adopted him!) or on the yard. Angel all around. I believe, it is not all about the breed, but about every individual dog. Yours is very cute, though, she will grow out of ''gardening'', just make sure you let her know how sad her behavior makes you feel.

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BKay, I mentioned I think the old empty 2 liter soda pop bottle as a great toy for a dog the size of yours. It crackles and pops and rolls around, so very entertaining. And, cheap, need I say? As good as recycling to have them crushed before they go in the garbage. Totally great entertainment and a distraction from digging. Try it anyway.

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