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paul_(z5 MI)March 21, 2008

Over Palm Sunday weekend I attended a show and came back with a few new 'pretties'. Best part was they didn't cost me a thing ... literally.

: )

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Wow! Pretties indeed. Perfect pastels for the season. I've heard that butterflies are free, but orchids? Now, that's my kind of show! :>)

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Charm(Z8 TX)

Beauties! You did very well!~Charm

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triciami5(z5 MI)

They are beautiful and you did well!!! Where was this show I hadnt hear about it, I am in zone 5? Tricia

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paul_(z5 MI)

Tricia, the show was in Troy. : )

A couple of venders were in great need of help. I was given these by way of compensation. : )

In order, they are

[Iwanagara Apple Blosssum 'Fantastic'<?b>
(Not as nice as 'Nora', IMO, but I haven't found anyone who carries that clone for years now)

Odcm Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl'
(This one is going to take some nursing back to health -- it had lost most of its roots. I can be such a sucker for a sad case)

Catt. "iamafakus"

Eplc Brilliant
(No one wanted the poor lil thing, so........)

Pot Love Avenue 'Serenade'

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