Still ok to plant hostas in zone 5?

joannembOctober 14, 2009

Nursery man says yes, but we all know he wants to make a sale. He's giving me a deal on quite a few Carrie Ann's. It's been in the 50's here. What do you think?

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donrawson(Z 5)

Go for it! The ground temp is still warm. Keep an eye on them in late winter/early spring...if the frost pushes them out of the ground, push them back down and keep the roots buried. (You can cover them with some loose mulch after the ground freezes to help avoid frost heave.)

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hostared(Z5, IL)

Sure, keep some soil around if it does heave and you can't push it back down to cover the roots with some soil. Once the ground thaws in April just put them into position.

There are springs that I see some of mine with exposed roots and they are happy...Warmer temps this weekend.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

better odds of success.. than keeping them in pots..

which he doesnt even want to risk ...


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We have planted this late and kept in pots overwinter.

Which ever way you choose, mulch heavy with lots of leaves or straw. We tip the pots on their sides after frozen and then mulch (at least 3-4 inches).

Like others have said if you do plant watch for frost heave in the spring.

Always nice to find a good deal!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

forgot to say ... the only issue is heave ....

mulch well .. and heavily ...


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Thanks for all the input! Will follow your advice on the heavy mulching and watch closely.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I just put one in yesterday- and have 2 more to plant in later this week- I am in zone 4.

I don't even want to say how many more other perennials I have that need to be planted out.... YIKES!

As long as the ground is not frozen- I will still try to plant most hardy perennials. I do however risk blowing out a hose from ice in the line because I know from experience that I must keep them well watered till the ground freezes.

I have found with these later plantings to dig a bigger hole and mix my dirt with the pots dirt and fan out the roots to avoid heave. When I dig a hole just big enough to slide the plant out of the pot and put it in the ground, the difference between the plants dirt and my dirt promote heave, as does the shape of the undisturbed potted plant.

I also have found that when I mulch heavily- if I do not expose/uncover to a normal depth in the EARLY spring, the pips may not thaw and grow normally- and I risk "Winter Rot". Leaving a heavy mulch over my hosta in the spring is the same as burying the crown too deep in my experience.

Now that said- I have forgotten to plant some hosta divisions in the fall- and have left them laying on some dirt- in a BIG well draining pot all winter- only to find then in June happily doing just what they do- growing up to be lovely!

I bet if you just banged them out of their pots and left them near the drive way..... Well, you know the rest....

Happy planting!


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

A few years ago, I planted several hostas in early November that had gone dormant in their pots. Every one of them made it through the winter. Go for it!


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Not now it snowed!!!

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Cher(6 SW OH)

October is still ok in this area for planting. In fact just last week I transplanted some Hostas at my sisters. I think you would be fine, especially out of pots.

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