kathy_whatcomco_waSeptember 16, 2012

This year we seem to have many more honeybees than the last few. My asters are covered in them, and there are hardly any bumblebees, like we've had in the past few years. Is this just statistical noise or are other people noticing this too?

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Bumblebee populations are more likely to be statistical noise.

I am now within 1/2 mile of people with 50 honeybee boxes, hence the increase in those bees for the past 3 years here.

Perhaps there are new bee hobbyists in your area also.

Or all it would take is one "wild honeybee" tree hive that relocated near you this year.

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Our tall Autumn Joy sedums have been covered in honeybees when the sun is shining directly on the blooms, so I stay clear to avoid accidentally bumping them & getting stung. It's unbelievable that each bee only makes one-sixteenth of a teaspoon in a lifetime according to an article in the monthly Costco magazine.

The honeybees are active on the ornamental oregano in bloom and a few other plants, too.

Earlier this year we saw lots of bumblebees on kale and onion chives in flower. I still see an occasional.

So far this year I've not seen many yellow jackets. Maybe it's too hot & dry for them, too.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I too have noticed a lot of Honeybees on the Autumn Joy the last few days. It's good to see them.
A neighbor, who lives down the bluff from me, came up and warned me about a bear that's been bothering his hives. The bear will probably strip my next door neighbor of his pears, as has been done in years past.
I have found one Yellow Jacket nest, and it's a little bigger than a bowling ball. It's in an out of the way place so I'm going to leave it alone. So far, I haven't been bothered by them when eating outside, so I guess there aren't as many this year as usual here.

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I have also noticed a lot more Honeybees this year, which is nice to see. They typically are on my asters, Roseanne Geranium, sneezeweeds, rubekia,golden rod, oregano and caryopteris every year, but this year for some reason my Perky Pet Hummingbird feeders have been so smothered by honeybees I had to take them down! Also noticing lots more Bald-faced hornets than normal.

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