orchidnickMarch 21, 2014

A group of terrestrial Swamp plants growing world wide in the northern hemisphere. I have a couple of them, the first one in bloom is Epipactis mairei, a cool growing swamp plant from China. It sits in a pan of water and it gets watered almost daily.


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Another beauty! You have so many 'one-of' plants that are amazingly beautiful.

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You should give tours and charge big bucks!


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That would be nice. I could also sell lemonade. It's funny where money has somewhat lost meaning for me. I bought a brand new fully loaded Corvette in 1966 for under $4,000. Now it costs $99 to go to Disney Land. I had this Catt Margaret Hort at our monthly meeting tonight and someone offered me $40 for it. I'm sure it was a fair price but all I could think of is: 'What does $40 buy today?' Answer: Not very much, maybe a meal with a glass of wine at an upscale restaurant (Tip and tax not included).

So I kept the plant. Too nice to let go for a medallion of beef. Jane, I hope yours will not blast the buds and bloom despite the trip and the division. By the way, it's mounted on that piece of wood sticking up between the middle and the right flower bunch.


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allymarie(zone 10, So. Fl.)

I'm glad you didn't part with it.What a beauty!

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Is that Miss Margaret?? I wouldn't have taken the $40.00 either.

Nick, you could charge $25 bucks a head for the tour. Offer some organic lemonade from lemons you grow on the patio and charge $5 bucks a cup. So you average $30 bucks a person.

Twenty people - you could buy a lot of orchids.


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