Calopogan tuberosus 'Fluffy'

orchidnickMarch 21, 2014

Found in Eastern Canada as well as all of the United States to the east of the Mississippi river as a swamp grower. Likes full sun and acidic soil. I got this one from Carson Whitlow who gives a very good talk on American terrestrial orchids. With a Ph meter ($10 from eBay), I titrate a watering can of water with fertilizer to a Ph of 4.5 by adding a little vinegar. I have one other plant, Cypripedium acaule, also from the northeast, which is the only other plant that gets the acid treatment. Started out with 2 bulbs last year, now there are about 10 plantlets, only 2 will bloom. Carson says that in time, they will form a dense colony and with multiple blooms will look quite spectacular for a terrestrial plant. Check back in a couple of years.

I know fluffy Blcs and Lcs look good, I hope to some day have a colony of these guys that also grabs one's attention.


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Amazing! They will surely be showstoppers once they get a bit bigger!

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How pretty and unusual. I don't know how you can take care of such a large collection. Looking at your pictures is better than Orchids Magazine or the Digest!

Just amazing!


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inga007(Ont. 6a)

That is a fabulous photo, and bloom, but how big is the bloom?
I have seen other photos and they look very small.

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Not that big, about 1". When all the little plantlets bloom, 2 to 3 years from now and the pot has 10 to 15 flower bunches then it will look pretty good.


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