Granddaughter's garden

slowpoke_gardenerMarch 23, 2012

I had a wonderful afternoon, my youngest granddaughter ask me to help her plant a garden. She is 14 and wanted her own garden. Her mother and father have serious health issues, but we were all out at the garden trying to help her. The garden is in terrible shape and too wet to till but we planted anyway.

While we were planting she ask me "Papaw, will you teach me to weld"? I guess you can see Papaw had a great day.


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That's what it's all about right, there. Good going' pawpaw and little miss.

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Larry, will you teach me to weld? I have about a million jobs that I could do if I knew how to weld. LOL

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Carol, I would be glad to teach you what little I know. I have never had to work as a welder, but did have to take classes in welding, brazing, soldering and metallurgy because of my job, but that was many years ago. I have a couple of welders and try to stick something together every now and then, but I was never good at it.


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Warms my heart to know end! I had a special relationship with my grandfather and it continues to inform my life to this day. Those times with him are some of the best memories of my life!

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Awwww, Larry, how cute! All children love to garden, I've discovered. I taught my GD about butterfly gardening. We raised many kinds of butterflies and she loved it!

My 21 month old GD is following in her footsteps now. She loves bugs!


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We were at Wal-Mart (Hey, we don't have anything else) in the gardening section and I just new my DH was going for some flowers with little Miss in mind. I was hopeful and held my breath. To my happiness the beautiful little 4yo with curly blonde hair clasping her blue dog for life, lept for the pink peonies. "This un, Daddy! Pretty." You can bet that baby will be taken good care of. I hear they can outlive the original gardener.

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owiebrain(5 MO)

That sounds like the best day ever, Larry!

I remember following my grandpa around his big garden and thinking I was the coolest thing on the planet. Later, after he died, my grandma puttered with a few things here and there but always, always kept at least a couple of tomato plants, right up until the stroke put her in the nursing home.

My other grandparents usually had a garden as well but it was small-ish (under 1000 square feet) and so neat & tidy. I thought for sure that wasn't a "real" garden. LOL

Gardening + grandparents = great childhoods!

Hey, I asked my hubby to teach me to weld a few years back but he still hasn't. Maybe I should come visit you!


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One of my fondest memories of my childhood was gardening with my "Grando". It is the reason I am so excited about starting a garden this year with my 4 year old twins. I hope this year's garden produces fond memories for you and your granddaughter.

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Hey Diane, We could both go to Larry's at one time and learn to weld. His life would never be the same again. LOL

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Come on girls, I am use to having women all around me. I have six granddaughters, and have had 5 at a time working on projects, like building stepping stones, bird houses and planter boxes. All of which are still in use to day. I still have some of the stuff they made when they were quite small and put their hand prints in, or a planter box that they all signed and drew little pictures on.

If I can ride herd over 5 of them, you two gals will be a piece of cake.

Diane, if I teach you to weld like I do, Hubby will run you off. He would be afraid someone would think HE taught you how to weld.


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